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Horror in today's Hollyoaks as THIS character finds their world completely shattered

(Image credit: C4)

Hollyoaks' Ste Hay faces the fallout from his shocking racist riot yesterday...

Today's Hollyoaks on Channel 4 will see Ste Hay face the fallout from his far right racist riot yesterday.

Shockwaves are sent around Hollyoaks village today as everyone struggles to get their heads around what happened at yesterday's extremist march, organised by Ste.

As the character's far-right racism storyline continues, Ste finds himself shunned by his friends and family as the reality of what happened at the march hits home.

Ste Hay

Ste's riot got out of hand yesterday (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks fans watched in horror as Ste went rogue earlier this week and organised a march with fellow extremists after the protest march Jonny Baxter was setting up got called off by the police.

Desperate to prove himself to Stuart Sumner and Jonny, Ste organised a secret march that went right through Hollyoaks village, and ended in disaster when things got out scarily of hand.

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Yesterday's Hollyoaks saw Ste's march take a dangerous turn when the dad launched a brick through the window of The Hutch, before then turning violent towards Tony Hutchinson.

But in the end his extremist actions became too much even for Tony to cope with, the one person Ste has always been able to count on whatever was happening in his life.

Diane and Tony Hutchinson

Ste's actions yesterday left Hollyoaks resident's terrified (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Today's Hollyoaks sees Ste all alone when everyone turns against him, and with even Jonny and Stuart disowning him, he is left drowning his sorrows in a bottle of vodka.

Thankfully Peri sees him and, despite the fact everyone despises the man he has become, she tells Ste he's family and invites him to the Hutch to have dinner in the hope it will see everyone make amends.

But will Ste be grateful for Peri's change of heart and accept her olive branch, or is he about to turn his back on his family for good?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.