How to watch Spirited

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in Spirited
Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in Spirited (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds give their take on A Christmas Carol with their new movie Spirited. This reimagination of the classic Christmas story, which is also a musical by the way, comes from Apple TV Plus and is ready for you to enjoy this holiday season. But how can you watch Spirited?

Find out where Spirited is playing, if it's streaming and everything you need to know about how to watch the new movie.

Is Spirited streaming?

After a week of playing exclusively in movie theaters in the US, Spirited is now available to stream everywhere that Apple TV Plus is available.

Apple TV Plus is the only place you're able to find this holiday movie, as no other streaming service or even digital on-demand platform has it. That means if you want to watch it at home you need to have an Apple TV Plus subscription.

The good news is, Apple TV Plus is easy to sign up for, available on most devices and has the option for a seven-day free trial (or three months if you recently bought an Apple product).

How to watch Spirited in movie theaters

Though Spirited is now streaming on Apple TV Plus, it is still playing in select movie theaters. For how long is TBD, but if you would prefer to see the Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Christmas musical on the big screen, be sure to check out your local movie theater websites or Fandango to see if, where and when it is playing near you.

UK audiences have the option to watch Spirited on the big screen now as well.

If you're looking for a Christmas gift for a movie fan in your life, definitely look into movie theater subscription and membership deals, which give consumers free, discounted and monthly allotments of tickets, as well as special deals and concessions and other theater-going perks. Programs are offered by many US and UK-based movie theater chains.

What else you need to know about Spirited

Spirited stars Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, as well as Octavia Spencer, Patrick Page, Sunita Mani, Joe Tippett, Tracy Morgan and Rose Byrne. The movie is directed by Sean Anders, who also wrote it with John Morris.

The premise of the movie sees the Ghost of Christmas Present (Ferrell) select Clint Briggs (Reynolds) to be visited by the three ghosts of Christmas and have the chance to reform; guess Scrooge wasn’t a special case. However, Briggs flips the table on the holiday spirit and has him examine his own past, present and future. Check out the trailer below:

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Spirited is just oneAndy Lyons/Getty Images of many new Christmas movies to enjoy in 2022. Also bringing holiday cheer is A Christmas Story Christmas, Falling for Christmas, Three Wise Men and a Baby and more.

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