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HUGE fight on tonight's EastEnders as someone's life is turned upside down

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There's drama in The Queen Vic tonight as EastEnders' Mel Owen lashes out...

It's a huge day for EastEnders' Mel Owen as she heads to court for Hunter's plea hearing... but the pressure of having a killer for a son is all getting too much.

EastEnders fans will know that Hunter is currently in jail and awaiting trial for the murder of his step dad, Ray Kelly.

Ever since Hunter killed Ray on his wedding day to Mel, the terrified mum has been desperately trying to raise enough cash to pay for the best lawyers for her son.

EastEnders Hunter Owen

Hunter is in court for his hearing tonight...

But with her money worries spiralling out of control, Mel is starting to lose her grip on reality and it hasn't gone unnoticed around the Square.

Tonight's trip to Walford will see Mel annoyed when she realises everyone has been gossiping about Hunter behind her back... and with his court appearance looming, she could do with all the support she can get rather than people bad-mouthing her son.

Ben Mitchell sees the state that Mel is in and takes the opportunity to wind her up, knowing that everything he says to her will leave her fuming.

Having heard from Hunter's solicitor that it would look good for the teenager to have some local support from home when he arrives in court later, Mel does her best to gather the troops in the Square.

Billy and Mel in EastEnders

Mel lashes out at everyone in The Vic tonight...

But after his shady behaviour while he lived in Walford, it's not that surprising that no one wants to join Mel in supporting Hunter. After all, he wasn't exactly Mr Popular...

Later in court Mel is left stunned when things take a sudden turn, leaving her world emploding around her.

But instead of heading home after court, Mel is a woman on a mission and heads to The Vic to drown her sorrows.

Tired of all the gossiping about Hunter, Mel makes herself public enemy number one by arriving at the pub and telling the residents of Albert Square some ugly home truths.

Karen and Mel in EastEnders

Mel gives Karen some home truths...

From the looks of these pictures from tonight's episode, Karen Taylor is the one to find herself on the receiving end of Mel's wrath... but surely she will just give as good as she gets?

If past EastEnders showdowns in The Vic are anything to go by, it looks like tonight's episode promises to be one you don't want to miss!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Jack Barnes and BBC / Kieron McCarron