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In My Skin on BBC Three - Start date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

In My Skin BBC Three

This new series gives an honest look at bipolar...

In My Skin is a new BBC Three drama which follows teenager Bethan as she hides her difficult home life.

It was created by Kayleigh Llewellyn, who used her real life experiences to bring the show to life.

Here's everything you need to know...

What is In My Skin about?

The series follows Bethan Gwyndaff (Gabrielle Creevy), who desperately tries to hide her home life from friends and teachers.

As well as navigating life in high school, she struggles with her mum's bipolar and her dad's alcoholism at home.

Speaking about the series, creator Kayleigh Llewellyn told the BBC, "I used to lead this double life and tell a lot of lies about what was going on to try and hide it.

"Then, 15-ish years later, I had this realisation that the thing I thought I needed to hide was actually the key to all of my creativity."

In My Skin explores mental health, sexuality, teenage identity and more, as Kayleigh comes to terms with her life.

Who stars in the series?

Gabrielle Creevy plays teenager Bethan, who is based on Kayleigh when she was younger.

Bethan is smart, funny and has a small circle of friends, but often finds herself being bullied due to her hidden sexuality.

In My Skin BBC Three

Gabrielle Creevy and Jo Hartley as Bethan and Trina Gwyndaff. (Credit: BBC)

She's also a compulsive liar, doing her very best to hide the truth about what's going on at home.

Bethan's mum Trina is played by Jo Hartley, and we see her being sectioned as a result of her bipolar early in the series.

Speaking about this character, Kayleigh said, "When I was growing up in Cardiff, my mum had – still has – bipolar disorder type 1, which is the really serious kind."

"She'd frequently be sectioned for long spells in a mental hospital that was just a couple of minutes away from my high school.

"I used to live in fear that my friends at school would find out, and they'd ostracise me or judge us, or make fun of my mum. It was the worst feeling ever, when you're a teenager, someone making fun of your mum."

In My Skin BBC Three

Rhodri Meilir as Dilwyn Gwyndaff. (Credit: BBC)

Rhodri Meilir stars as Bethan's dad Dilwyn, and his behaviour especially when drunk causes a lot of problems for the family.

Where can we watch In My Skin?

All five episodes are available to watch via BBC iPlayer. In My Skin is a BBC Three series.

Each episode is half an hour long, making it easy to binge-watch if you need entertaining during lockdown.

So far there's no indication that there'll be a second series.

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