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Is 'Mythic Quest' on Netflix?

Mythic Quest Season 2
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Mythic Quest was a sleeper of a hit for Apple TV+. While its first season had enough of a following to easily accomplish a Season 2 renewal, it didn't skyrocket in popularity until Season 1 had concluded. The show's special episodes "Quarantine" and "Everlight" endeared fans in ways that the creators couldn't have possibly imagined, and in response the second season has a whole host of new viewers who binged the series only to dive right into the new episodes. 

Can I watch Mythic Quest on Netflix?

Sorry, but no. As an Apple TV+ exclusive, the only place you're going to be able to binge the video game series is on Apple's streaming platform. I know, buying another one sounds hugely annoying now that "I wish I could pick and choose the channel's I want to watch" has turned into the proverbial monkey's paw, but it's worth your subscription. (Also, if you're about to buy a new Apple product, they give away a year of the streaming platform for free as a "thanks." So, hold off if that's in your near future!)

Due to the exclusivity, you won't be seeing the series on any other platforms either. Moreover, Apple's pretty prone to keeping their content digital, so a physical release probably won't be headed to shelves anytime soon. But, never say never! We'll update should anything change in the physical media department.

Have your critics enjoyed Mythic Quest?

You bet your bippie! (What does that mean?!) Our critic Emma Fraser handles a lot of our Apple TV+ content, and she's been singing Mythic Quest's praises since before her editors even knew what it was. You can find her reviews of the series here

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