It's A Sin: Russell T. Davies' upcoming drama gets a new clip

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Channel 4 reveals a raunchy clip from Russell T. Davies' latest show.

It’s A Sin, the new drama from Russell T. Davies (main picture) has a raunchy new clip courtesy of Channel 4.

The sneak preview follows Olly Alexander’s charismatic lead character, Ritchie. We already knew Ritchie was a young, gay actor trying to make his mark in London, but we learn a lot more about him here.

Chiefly, we learn that he’s an HIV/AIDs-denier, and is definitely the centre of attention amongst his friends. This clip paints him as a twentysomething who is concerned first and foremost with his social and love life.

We follow him and a group of his friends as they hop from club to club in London. Along the way, he launches into a fourth-wall-breaking rant where he denies the existence of AIDs to his friends.  

He lambasts the crisis as nothing more than "a pack of lies" and a "money-making scheme for drugs companies". He then lists off loads of conspiracy theories and rumours about AIDs. These include that it was created in a laboratory, or that it flew in on a comet from outer space.

Of the clip, Russell T. Davies said: "This scene is set in 1984. Ritchie’s 20 years old and ignorant of early AIDS activism, so like many of the time, he sees it all as fake news and false facts."

You can watch the full clip from It’s A Sin below:

It’s A Sin is a five-part series documenting the lives of five friends in London during the AIDs crisis in the 1980s. It features a star-studded cast including Stephen Fry, Keeley Hawes and Neil Patrick Harris. A trailer was already released last month, which you can watch here.

It’s A Sin airs later in January 2021 on Channel 4 and HBO Max in the US. For even more shows to enjoy, check out our TV guide.

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