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Jay Blades lands new BBC2 show Jay’s Workshop made by The Repair Shop team

Jay Blades in The Repair Shop
(Image credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett)

Jay Blades - seen above as part of The Repair Shop team - has a new series

Jay Blades will front a new BBC2 show called Jay’s Workshop, which is being made by the people behind his hit show The Repair Show.

The BBC reveals that each show will see Jay and his team of volunteers make wonderful furniture for deserving local people in a workshop set within the community.

But Jay also believes making the furniture will benefit the volunteers themselves. For him the sheer pleasure of making something can greatly boost confidence and happiness.

Talking about his new show, Jay says: “So many people up and down the country have given back to their communities, now it’s time for my community workshop to give back to them.”

Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC2, comments: “Jay is a special talent and I’m delighted that he’ll be opening the doors of his new workshop on BBC2. It promises to be filled with great craft skills, beautiful objects and amazing community stories.”

Katy Thorogood, Creative Director at Ricochet, adds: “We’re thrilled to be making this big-hearted series that celebrates the joy of making along with the pleasure of giving, in a format that chimes with the need for kindness right now.”

Jay has quickly become a TV star after first presenting The Repair Shop in 2017.

His new series, Jay’s Workshop, will be six parts. The BBC is yet to reveal when the series will start (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Meanwhile, Jay recently told us he didn't fancy making a celebrity version of The Repair Shop.

He said: “I don’t think we need a celeb version. The people we have on the show are relatable and so are the things they bring in and that’s what people love. I think if celebrities come on people will start going, ‘Do they really have that item or is that just for the purpose of the show?’ I think it’s important to keep it real.”