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The Repair Shop star Jay Blades on why he's not keen on a celeb version

Jay Blades Christmas Repair Shop 2020
(Image credit: BBC/Ricochet/Kenny Valaydon)

'I don’t think we need a celeb version'

The Repair Shop is a TV phenomenon and since first appearing on our screens in 2017 has gone from strength to strength, now regularly pulling in millions of fans.

As the heart-warming show gets ready to open its doors for The Repair Shop Christmas special on Boxing Day, presenter Jay Blades says he’s looking forward to 2021.

In an exclusive interview with What’s On TV Jay said: "Every year when we come back to filming I ask everyone to give more. The first year it may have been 30 per cent, this year I wanted 50 per cent, next year I’d like 65 per cent.

"The reactions we get from people after repairing and restoring their precious items is just unbelievable, it makes you realise just how much it means to people and that’s why I want the Repair Shop to get even bigger and better.’

Christmas Repair Shop 2020

The Repair Shop team include, from L-R: Will Kirk, Mark Stuckey, Dominic Chinea, Kirsten Ramsay, Jay Blades, Suzie Fletcher, Amanda Middleditch, Steve Fletcher and Julie Tatchell (Image credit: BBC/Ricochet)

However, when asked if there might ever be a celebrity version of the show to follow in the footsteps of other popular series, Jay’s not so keen.


He said, "I don’t think we need a celeb version. The people we have on the show are relatable and so are the things they bring in and that’s what people love. I think if celebrities come on people will start going, 'Do they really have that item or is that just for the purpose of the show?' I think it’s important to keep it real."

Christmas Repair Shop 2020

One of the items being brought in this Christmas is a stereogram belonging to sisters Donna Archibald and Sandra Cole which Repair Shop expert Mark Stuckey gets to work on  (C) Ricochet - Photographer: Kenny Valaydon

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Jay said this year’s Christmas special is a real tear-jerker sprinkled with magic. The special festive items being brought into the repair barn for the team of experts to fix include a stereogram (pictured above), a rocking horse with a very emotional story behind it and a vintage Christmas ornament that’s travelled to Scotland from New York.

Christmas Repair Shop 2020

This rocking horse holds very special and poignant memories for the family who bring it in

"The stories behind the objects will make you melt", said Jay. "There’s a moment in the show where if you don’t have a tear in your eye when you see this happen, I don’t think you’re alive. It’s one of the most emotional things I’ve ever seen. Something magical happens and I guarantee everyone watching will go, 'This is Christmas', and smile."

The Repair Shop At Christmas will be shown on Boxing Day, BBC1 at 6.45pm