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The Repair Shop Christmas special release date, items featured and all you need to know

The Repair Shop Christmas Special 2020
(Image credit: MARK HARRISON)

The Repair Shop Christmas special is restoring festive treasures

The Repair Shop Christmas special promises to be a great piece of festive telly.

Jay Blades and his team of experts will be in The Repair Shop barn for Festive Fixes as they rescue items their owners thought were beyond saving.

They will be aiming to bring priceless pieces of family history and broken treasures - all with a Christmas twist - back to life.

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Dominic Chinea, Metalwork Expert, said: “Viewers may remember that last Christmas we fixed a chopper bike which was a huge treat - I can't wait to see what comes through the door this year.”

What items feature in the Christmas episode?

Most movingly Vicar Steve and his wife Amanda bring along their much loved rocking horse to the barn. It was a Christmas gift to their daughter Tamsin when she was five years old. Tragically only two years later their daughter died. Now, they want the rocking horse to be given a new lease of life so their nine-year-old daughter, Hetty, can play on it and remember the older sister she never met.

Another item being brought along is a treasured toy truck. Eighty-year-old Christopher reveals that his item was made by a team of WW2 engineers, led by his own father. Christopher was given the unique gift for Christmas in 1945 when he was a little boy. Now he wants it restored to its former glory so his young grandson can enjoy it.

Other items include an old stereogram, which was once at the heart of family celebrations. It’s been silent for years, but the team plan to make it play a favourite Christmas record again.

When does The Repair Shop Christmas special air?

The Repair Shop Christmas special will air on Boxing Day at 6.45pm on BBC1. It is one-hour long. See our Christmas TV section for more Christmas shows to enjoy.