Julia Goulding reveals Shona is at 'breaking point' over David Platt jail drama next week

Shona Ramsay, played by Julia Goulding, is convinced she'll still marry fiancé David Platt next month as she patiently awaits his release from prison. But, their plans could be thwarted next week...

David - played by Jack P Shepherd - is due to be released from prison imminently after serving an eight-month sentence for fraud.

But, Julia Goulding - who plays his long-suffering partner Shona Ramsay - has revealed their plans to tie the knot in November could be hindered as David's fraud charge could be set to become an attempted murder charge following a brawl in prison.

Next week viewers will see David back in the dock after he was accused of stabbing arch-enemy Josh Tucker. And, despite claiming to be innocent, David is refused bail - leaving Shona at "breaking point".


"Shona is fully aware that the wedding might not go ahead but she can't even begin to think about that outcome because she has to stay positive as she is at breaking point," Julia revealed.

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"With what she's been through with Max, coping with the kids on her own, still holding down a job, Gail disappearing, Sarah not really being around, David being in prison, Shona is hanging on by a thread. That thread is the hope of David getting out and everything going back to normal.

"When David is refused bail, Shona is absolutely gutted. She is heartbroken because she fears that David is going to spiral."

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The prison fiasco began when he and brother Nick Tilsley - played by Ben Price stole thousands of pounds from their grandmother, Audrey Roberts. And, while Nick was handed a suspended sentence, David was put away for eight months - merely because he was still on license for attacking Gary Windass months earlier.

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With Julia set to take a short break from the cobbles to welcome her first child, she hinted that Shona could start doubting whether David is, in fact, innocent.

“Who knows, it could drive Shona away from the street because she is at breaking point," she confessed.

Only time will tell!

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