'Landscapers' fans praise 'mind blowingly good' new true crime miniseries

Landscapers episode one; Olivia Colman as Susan and David Thewlis as Christopher
(Image credit: Sky)

HBO and Sky clearly have another hit on their hands with Landscapers, as plenty of viewers who've checked out this surreal black comedy have huge praise for the new show.

For the uninitiated, Landscapers is a new four-part true crime story that sees Olivia Colman and David Thewlis portraying Susan and Christopher Edwards, a real couple who were found guilty of the deaths of Susan's parents, William and Patricia Wycherley, over a decade after the murders originally took place.

The show joins the couple before the bodies were discovered. They had fled abroad and are living in France but struggling to make ends meet as Christopher can't find work. Out of desperation, he decides to phone his stepmother, Tabitha, to ask for financial support. In that call, he reveals their involvement in the murders 15 years ago. 

Tabitha reports the couple to Nottinghamshire police, and the drama unfolds as a murder inquiry begins and the Edwardses decide to return to England to cooperate with the investigation. Susan's love of classic cinema bleeds into the show, blending fantasy with reality as the couple cast themselves as Hollywood heroes in their own imaginary narrative. This is blended with black comedy and with the tragic reality of the police investigation, and plenty of viewers are loving it.

Lots of fans have already binged the entire series, and have taken to Twitter to share their opinions about Landscapers online. Most people are quick to point to the two leads (especially Colman) as standouts but have just as much praise for the writing and visual flair. One viewer even called the show "some of the best telly of the year".

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Landscapers was created and written by Olivia Colman's own partner, Ed Sinclair. In our interview with Colman, she said she was drawn to the story because: “I like a mixture of something funny and sad. And I know the writer quite well! There was a piece about the case in the paper and Ed got sucked into this world and found it fascinating. He wrote to Susan and Christopher and said he wanted to tell their story. And then I read the scripts and loved them. It was a real dream.” 

The first episode of Landscapers premiered on Monday, Dec. 6 on HBO in the US and on Sky Atlantic (opens in new tab) on Dec. 7 in the UK. Episode one is currently available to stream on HBO Max (opens in new tab) in the US, and all four episodes are available on Sky Box Sets and on NOW TV (opens in new tab) in the UK.

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