Major networks adjust their Wednesday night lineup to make room for more election coverage

Election night coverage.
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Though we all knew that the election wouldn't be called on Tuesday, it seems that the news cycle has lasted a little bit longer than networks like NBC, ABC and CBS may have expected. All three have made major shifts in their programming to make room for more election coverage.

NBC has pushed American Ninja Warrior's season finale from today to this Friday (November 6th) from 8PM-10PM EST. Instead, the network will show Decision 2020: Election Special that would have otherwise gone to the Ninja Warrior competition. If times were normal, this would end up being a huge blow to the American Ninja Warrior finale, given that Friday viewings are typically much lower for primetime - even in the world of DVR. But, since nothing works the way it's supposed to during the pandemic, the competition shouldn't see much of a loss in viewership. NBC will also allow East coast affiliates to air the special should they choose.

If ABC sitcoms are part of how you're surviving all of this, worry not! Their sitcom block (8PM-10PM EST) will remain intact. Instead, they'll be replacing their scheduled episode of The Con for Your Voice/Your Vote: Election 2020 – A Special Edition of 20/20. A bit lengthy, but Deadline is noting that it's a tentative title so maybe they'll tighten that situation on up. 

CBS will keep it's expected back-to-back episodes of The Amazing Race this evening, instead opting to air CBS News 2020: America Decides – Still Counting at 10PM EST. The special will be hosted live. 

As far as we know, the rest of the major news networks will be keeping with their planned schedules.

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