Marc Elliott on his MASSIVE Holby City return: 'Isaac's full of remorse... apparently!'

Marc Elliott plays Isaac Mayfield in Holby City
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Brace yourselves Holby fans... disgraced medic Isaac Mayfield is back! But is Dominic Copeland's abusive ex-lover a changed man? Marc Elliott reveals more…

After 18 months in prison, Isaac Mayfield returns to Holby City a changed man. Or is he? Marc Elliott explains...

What brings disgraced medic Isaac Mayfield back to Holby?

"Isaac initially comes back to Holby because, in a moment of emotional turmoil, Dominic Copeland (David Ames) has reached out to him in secret. I mean, who else would you want to come and help you at a time of need but your ex-boyfriend, who was both emotionally and physically abusive? Dom’s not thinking clearly and he immediately regrets it. Dom and Isaac's relationship, although short-lived, was very intense and powerful and Dom's still under Isaac's spell mentally. So, when he's weak, he falls right back into that place."

Isaac and Dom Holby City

Dom (David Ames) is brought face-to-face with his tormentor in Holby City...

Following Dom and Isaac’s secret meeting, this week, Isaac turns up at Holby with his dad, Jon Mayfield, in tow. What’s wrong?

"Isaac's dad is not very well and he hopes that Dom and the rest of the Holby team will be able to help him get better. Isaac believes Dom’s the best at what he does and he doesn’t trust anybody else to care for or operate on his father. So Isaac uses an element of flattery to get what he wants."

What sort of welcome does Isaac get from other Holby staff?

"Funnily enough, they’re all a bit hostile… I’ve no idea why! Hanssen, Sacha and Carole all try to get Isaac thrown out and Dom’s mum Ange even threatens him. It’s like a multi-pronged attack from all sides! But because hospitals are places where everybody has a right to be treated, they know they can’t turn anyone away. So Jon stays for treatment and Isaac stays with him."

Isaac's been in prison for the past 18 months for what he did to Dom. Has he come out a changed man?

"Well, Isaac certainly plays the reformed character. He claims he’s had time in prison to reflect on his horrible ways and now he’s a new man. He’s able to control his temper now, he’s truly sorry for all the pain he caused and wants to make amends for all his dastardly deeds of the past. So he’s full of remorse… apparently. If I was a viewer, though, I wouldn’t be fooled by Isaac for two seconds!"

David Ames and Marc Elliott in Holby City

Is Dom convinced Isaac really is a changed man in Holby City?

Does Isaac manage to convince Dom he's changed? Could Dom be heading for trouble?

"Isaac has always been a master manipulator and it becomes clear he already has an agenda. Dom just unwittingly helped put Isaac’s wicked plan into place by contacting him when he did. For Isaac, it’s all about reeling Dom in again – and Dom falls for it hook, line and sinker because he’s at a very low ebb. Dom ends up making a deal with the Devil and falling into Isaac’s trap. And, once Dom’s in, the net starts closing…"

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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