'Married At First Sight UK' fans heartbroken for sobbing Bob

Married At First Sight UK contestants
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It was the first commitment ceremony for the newly-weds in last night’s episode (Thursday 9 September) of Married At First Sight UK where the couples would decide if they wanted to stay or leave their relationships.

The ceremony turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster as viewers were crushed as fan-favourite Bob was left in tears at the ceremony after Jordon revealed that he and Bob’s wife Megan, shared a kiss after the dinner party.

Megan and Bob’s relationship has been one-sided so far, with Megan not so sure on the relationship, while Bob has been smitten with her.

When Paul announced that it was Bob and Megan’s turn to tell all about their relationship, Megan seemed apprehensive and nervous. She began to explain that on their wedding day she was happy with her match. However, the day after the wedding there seemed to be problems, with her saying that she wasn’t sure anymore and that she didn’t even want Bob to touch her.

Further, into the conversation, Bob began to get emotional and admitted that his insecurity is people not liking him and his "Big Bob" persona could be a facade to hide his vulnerability, which could be why the relationship isn’t currently working.

Despite this, a determined Bob was eager to not give up and walk away from the relationship. But, Megan seemed unsure on whether they were potentially just wasting both of their time, which made Bob cry.

He was followed with a wave of support by the other couples, saying that they love him.

Meanwhile, during their time on the sofa, Jordon seemed visibly annoyed and irritated as he listened to them speak.

Then it came to the moment they’ve all been waiting for, the ultimate decision on whether they would stay together or leave the competition and part ways. After Bob said he would stay, it was Megan’s turn to decide.

She said: “This wasn’t an easy decision. Um...It’s the difficulty of not knowing who Bob is. I feel like we’re bringing the worst out in each other rather than the best. But I did promise you time.” She then revealed she would in fact be staying in the relationship, much to Bob’s delight.

However, his happiness soon faded when Jordon made a shocking announcement. After hearing a different story from Megan, Jordon was annoyed and said that he was going to tell everyone about what happened between them.

After a row with his wife Alexis on the sofa which made her walk out, Jordon decided to spill the secret when she returned, telling the group that he and Megan kissed.

Bob burst into tears as he heard Jordon explain that Megan didn’t deserve to be protected by him, and Bob and the group were horrified when Jordon wrote down that he would stay because he wanted to try and pursue something with Megan.

A furious Bob erupted and began speaking over Paul saying, “If he wants to stay, I’ll change my mind to leave.” He called Jordon “vile,” and Paul became quite angry at his outburst, shouting "Folks. Let's respect the forum, ok?"

Bob then went on to say about Megan, “Can’t stand her now. That’s just vile.” He then sobbed outside as the men comforted him and Megan walked out of the room.

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When he came back into the room, he said some powerful words to Jordon and then shook his hand out of appreciation for telling him the truth.

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When Megan came back, she apologised to both Bob and Alexis and then weeped as Bob gave her a hug.

Megan ended the show saying that the chapter hasn’t closed at all on her and Bob’s relationship, while Bob said they’ll have to take each day as it comes over the next week.

Devastated fans took to Twitter to show their sympathy and heartbreak for their favourite man Bob...

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