Martin Freeman's bad mood almost cost him Sherlock role

Sherlock star Martin Freeman has revealed how he almost lost out on the chance to play Dr John Watson due to his mood on the day.

Speaking to the Radio Times, the former Office star admitted he had 'not been in the best frame of mind' at the audition after having his wallet stolen on the way there.

And he revealed that it affected his reading of the part to such an extent that producers thought he wasn't interested.

"I'll admit maybe I was a bit stressed," Martin said.

"But a week later my agent rang and said, 'Listen, this Sherlock thing, they're sort of under the impression you weren't that into it.'

"I wasn't being blase about it at all. I just wasn't on my best day," he pointed out.  "So I came in again, read with Benedict Cumberbatch and it instantly worked.

He went on to describe his co-star as a "fantastic actor", adding: "There was something about our rhythms, similarities and differences that meant that it just happened."

Sherlock was last seen on screen in early 2012, with viewers left on tenterhooks after Holmes apparently plunged to his death in series finale The Reichenbach Fall.

However the mystery of how he faked his demise will be revealed in series opener The Empty Hearse, which will be aired on New Year's Day on BBC One at 9pm.