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Neighbours star Sharon Johal 'didn’t want Dipi to cheat'!

Neighbours Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal)

Neighbours star Sharon Johal reveals all about explosive Dipi-Pierce kiss as well as teasing what lies ahead for Dipi’s troubled marriage.

Neighbours (opens in new tab) star Sharon Johal has revealed that her character Dipi Rebecchi’s upcoming cheating storyline was out of the blue. 

Dipi has been struggling with the fall out from hubby Shane Rebecchi’s (Nicholas Coghlan) drug addiction and is set to share a passionate kiss with confidante Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards).

Sharon talked to about the latest drama to rock the Rebecchi marriage.

Dipi’s patience with Shane is wearing thin in Neighbours

Since Shane dropped out of rehab after just two days, Dipi’s sympathy and support has been stretched to the limit, explained Sharon: “He just hangs around her like a lost puppy and makes situations worse. She’s already irritated with him and then on top of that he’s not working because no one trusts him to work. 

“The bills still need to be paid and Dipi needs to earn money for the household.”

Businessman Pierce has been there for Dipi ever since she broke down in front of him in the cafe. When she starts up a cookery class, he signs up with wife Chloe Greyson (April Rose Pengilly) as the couple are having their own marriage woes.

“Shane comes in and tries to take over but he keeps disrupting it,” commented Sharon.

“Eventually Pierce gets involved and is like, ‘listen to your wife!’, which gets Shane’s back up. Dipi is grateful to Pierce but it’s a bit undermining to her marriage.”

“Dipi and PIerce are each other’s best friends at the moment, they’re confiding in each other about their relationships.”

Sharon Johal was unsure about Dipi-Pierce attraction

But that ‘friendship’ is about to cross a line… An explosive argument with Shane sees him blaming her for his addiction. It drives her to visit Pierce in his hotel room (opens in new tab), where he’s staying alone after a row with Chloe.

Neighbours, Dipi Rebecchi, Pierce Greyson

Sharon Johal was initially sceptical about Dipi and Pierce pairing

“As Pierce comforts her they share a look for a little bit too long and they end up kissing!” revealed Sharon. 

“Straight after they pull away and say it was a huge mistake. She’s devastated and remorseful for what she’s done.”

With a potential affair for Dipi in the offing, Sharon confided that she was surprised when she found out that Dipi was going to cheat on Shane.

“I didn’t want infidelity to come into their relationship because I really believe in Shane and Dipi! When I found it was going to be Pierce I couldn’t quite make the connection. 

“But Pierce is the guy that Dipi needs in her life that’s dependable, sensible and can look after himself. Shane is clearly not that!

“It made sense to me then but I didn’t want her to cheat because, obviously, I don't agree with that as Sharon. No one would have expected this from Dipi! It’s been intriguing.”

Sharon wouldn't put up with Shane's behaviour!

The Rebecchi marriage crisis has been a long time coming but will their relationship be permanently rocked? Sharon’s not saying, only revealing that the couple are back and forth for some time. And there’s still the illicit kiss to work through with Pierce...

“Shane and Dipi have been together 20 years. 20 years! It’s a huge chunk of someone’s life. 

“If I’m being completely honest there's no way I would have put up with anything close to what Dipi has in my real life! Maybe I’m harder than other women, I don’t know.

“I think whichever way it goes for Shane and Dipi, it’s going to make interesting viewing.”

One thing’s for sure… If Shane and Chloe ever find out about the kiss there are fireworks coming!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm/5:30pm on Channel 5

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