Netflix is adding Top 10 lists because somehow it didn't have them already

Netflix Top 10

Source: Netflix (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix today announced that it'll be adding Top 10 lists to the rows of content already on its home screen. Sounds simple, right? And it also sounds like something that Netflix should have done some time ago.

Here's the deal, as detailed by Netflix (opens in new tab) :

This new row — complete with its own special design — will enable you to see what is most popular on Netflix in your country. It will be updated every day and the position of the row will vary depending on how relevant the shows and films are to you.

In addition to the overall top 10 list, you'll also be able to see the top 10 most popular series and top 10 films when you click on the movies and TV shows tabs.

Shows and films that make these lists will also have a special "Top 10" badge, wherever they appear on Netflix. That way you can easily see what's in the zeitgeist, whether you're browsing by genre or through your personal list - or when searching for specific shows or films.

Fair enough. and there's nothing wrong at all with Top 10 lists. It's good to know what's popular. But it's perhaps even more important for Netflix to surface the things that not everybody is watching — the niche stuff that's still good and important both in that it's something you might want to watch and may also be important for Netflix's partnerships, or becaues Netflix is a major studio spending billions of its own dollars on content, too.

In any event, that's what's up.