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Netflix unveils 'Below Zero' in a brand new trailer

Below Zero looks set to spice up January with some tense action. Netflix had huge luck importing the hit Spanish horror film The Platform back in 2019, and it looks like they’re trying to double-down on that success with new a Spanish thriller dropped. 

Earlier today they dropped the trailer for Below Zero, a brand-new Spanish thriller coming to the platform later this month, and it is a doozy. 

Lluís Quílez’s Below Zero is, from this trailer, a tense action thriller that puts a humble man through the wringer on what should otherwise be a very routine nightshift.

The film follows Javier Gutiérrez playing Martin, a simple prison guard. He is charged with driving a prison transfer vehicle across a lonely road late at night, and one of his colleagues ominously wishes him good luck before he sets off.

Out of nowhere, someone throws caltrops across the road and brings the truck to a halt in the middle of a thick fog. From there, Martin’s night only gets worse.

His transfer truck is assaulted by some unknown person who Martin clearly has some history with. From then on, he has to face off against the six prisoners he was transporting and this mystery villain in a tense fight for his life. Whatever he’s done wrong, it has come back to bite him.

We don’t get much more information about the plot from this trailer, but we do see plenty of glimpses of claustrophobic action. There are fires and floods to avoid, brutal fist-fights, a missing partner, Martin's comms have been hijacked by the mystery killer, AND now his prisoners are out to get him in exchange for their own freedom. 

To survive this nightmare, he’s going to have to use all of his strength and wits, and we can’t wait to see how he pulls through.

Below Zero releases on Netflix on January 29, 2021.