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Hollyoaks' Nikki Sanderson reveals the honeymoon’s over when Maxine is arrested!

Maxine Donovan, Nikki Sanderson, Hollyoaks

Maxine Donovan tells her new husband she's off to America after she is wrongly accused of hurting a child. Actress Nikki Sanderson explains all

Maxine Donovan is on cloud nine in Hollyoaks! She’s been on a luxury honeymoon with her handsome new husband, Adam, and her little girl, Minnie, and she feels like the cat that got the cream. What could possibly go wrong? Darcy Wilde, that’s what!

She gets Maxine arrested when her son, Toby, lies and he says she hit him. "Maxine’s devastated," Nikki Sanderson told Soaplife. "She’d never hurt anyone, let alone a child. Darcy’s doing her worst and, finally, Maxine tells Adam she’s leaving for America!"

How’s Maxine feeling after her honeymoon? "She’s in a really good place and she feels excited about what the future holds, which is never a good idea in Hollyoaks!"

What happens when she arrives home? "Adam and Maxine walk through the door and they see Jesse Donovan and Darcy on the couch making out. It’s a real shock. Adam gets angry and Maxine’s a little bit upset by his reaction. She didn’t want him to be bothered by the fact his brother is with his ex-fiancee."

Tell us about Minnie’s first steps… "Adam and Maxine are at the folly when Minnie walks for the first time. They’re so proud and happy that Adam suggests they throw a big party to celebrate. They’ve got the money now, so why not?"

What goes wrong at the party? "Toby and Minnie go missing. Maxine finds them outside. Minnie’s on the floor and Toby is standing over her. She tells Toby off, explaining it’s dangerous for small children to go wandering alone."

What happens next? "Darcy shows up and Toby says that Maxine hit him, which is completely untrue. She’s flabbergasted. Adam believes Maxine, but he has to listen to Toby because his son has made these allegations."

Does Toby tell the truth? "Yes. But only to Darcy, who decides to carry on with the lie and she gets Maxine arrested."

Darcy’s really doing her worst then… "She’s being so manipulative. Maxine doesn’t want her in her life at all, but she knows she has to put up with her because Adam needs to see Toby. Darcy then turns round and says Adam won’t see Toby all the while he is with Maxine."

How does Maxine react to that? "She feels guilty. She doesn’t want to be the reason Adam doesn’t get to see his child. She loves Adam, but she decides to go to America to stay with her sister and start a new life."

Can Adam persuade her to stay? "Maxine’s made up her mind and it would take something quite big for her to change it. If she does stay, life would be a constant battle with Darcy on the scene."