'Our House' fans all hate Martin Compston's character

Martin Compston in Our House
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Our House started on ITV this week, with Line of Duty star Martin Compston taking on the role of Bram. But he's a very different character to loveable DI Steve Arnott, as viewers at home are already furious with some of Bram's decisions!

In the first episode, we saw Bram's estranged partner Fi (Tuppence Middleton) returning home only to find that another couple has moved in, causing her to panic and desperately look for her husband and children. It's a compelling opening, as we're left wondering how on earth a situation like that would happen.

But it was Bram and Fi's relationship that viewers became invested in as the first episode showed us a series of flashbacks that revealed that Bram had been unfaithful and even tried to lie his way out of it, causing them to separate. 

We also saw Bram driving after drinking alcohol, even though he's been banned from driving so it didn't take long for viewers to turn on him and decide that they really didn't like him!

If all this wasn't bad enough, the first episode ends on a cliffhanger when Bram begins driving erratically after receiving a call from Fi, eager to reconcile his relationship with his estranged partner.

But Bram's ability to drive is seriously impacted by stress and intoxication, and after overtaking a slower car and getting into a bit of an overtaking match, we later see Bram at the side of the road next to an overturned vehicle. The question is, has he caused this crash, and what are the consequences of his actions?

Now viewers have been properly introduced to Bram, they're already suspicious of him, with many taking to Twitter to vent about Martin Compston's newest character. One described him as being "way in over his head" after all the messes he's caused.

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Speaking about taking on the role of Bram in Our House, Martin Compston told us: "It's probably the most emotionally draining part I’ve played in a long time. It has taken a lot out of me. The scripts are a gift for an actor. 

He added: "But they go very dark at times and it can put you in a darker frame of mind. Tuppence is cracking though, we both like a laugh. She's been a joy to work with!"

Our House continues on ITV on Tuesday 8 March at 9pm. Episodes are also available on-demand via ITV Hub.

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