Real Housewives of Miami's Larsa and Lisa feud rages on to fans delight

Lisa and Larsa arguing in The Real Housewives of Miami season 5
Lisa and Larsa on The Real Housewives of Miami season 5 (Image credit: Peacock)

Finally, The Real Housewives of Miami season 5 has started, and fans are already loving it. While hypnotized by the lavish fashion choices of the RHOM cast and enjoying the updates on their personal lives (especially Lisa for shedding light on her marriage), it's the drama among the ladies that viewers can't stop talking about, especially the situation going on between Larsa and Lisa. 

Things kicked off right away with a few brewing conflicts in the "friend" group. Alexia and Guerdy, for example, are at odds over some miscommunications about party planning and unbalanced power dynamics in their relationship. Then there's Julia and Adriana, who continually take unproved jabs at Larsa behind her back, although they are all supposed to be in a truce. However, these mini flare-ups pale in comparison to the Larsa and Lisa situation. 

Viewers will recall that when RHOM season 4 launched on Peacock, the two ladies were like peanut butter and jelly. However, cracks started forming in their friendship as the season progressed and Larsa felt Lisa didn't always have her back when she was being attacked by other castmates. The former reiterated this point at the season 4 reunion. 

Fast forward to season 5 episode 1, where Lisa speaks on the growing distance between her and Larsa. Then while having a conversation with Marysol and Kiki, Lisa repeats a distasteful joke she found on social media about Larsa's new home being in a building where "hookers, drug dealers and prostitutes live." 

Later in the episode while on the phone with a friend, Lisa claims to have misquoted the Instagram account in question, and that the caption was "that’s where the OnlyFans people live." Now in a bit of confusion for viewers, Lisa follows that up with, "it wasn’t Larsa's building." 

However, when Kiki repeats Lisa's misquoted version of the joke to Larsa, Larsa isn't pleased and claims to have heard a lot of things about Lisa but had chosen not to repeat them. 

Her "when they go low, we go high" approach to handling the situation doesn't last long, because as soon as Lisa comes face to face with Larsa, the former Mrs. Pippen mentions a rumor that Lisa and her husband rent their house out every weekend so they can pay their mortgage. Lisa vehemently denies this, but a number of the other ladies claim the rumor is true in their confessionals. 

Moving onto episode 2, Lisa shares with Guerdy and Alexia that she's still bothered by Larsa's remarks about her home. Lisa even expresses that Larsa has a tendency to get mean when arguing with someone, a point Alexia agrees with. 

Then as Larsa and Lisa are attending Alexia's wedding party on a yacht, they decide to take a moment to talk. The latter expresses how hurt she was by Larsa's comments. Larsa retorts she doesn’t want to talk about her castmate's life, but feels Lisa doesn't have her back and has attacked her and her new home. Lisa alleges Larsa fights dirty and then again claims she and her husband do not have a mortgage. Larsa is adamant that her former friend does have one, but Lisa somehow doesn't know it. 

At this point, the two continue going back and forth about this home ownership issue. Lisa truly believes Larsa is bringing up the mortgage to disparage her financial status. The way Lisa blows her top seems like a gross overreaction, which Guerdy points out. 

As the season continues, viewers will have to see what's next for these friends turned rivals. 

Fans react to the Larsa and Lisa feud

While there are fans taking sides in this feud, many of them see it as a source of pure entertainment. Take a look at what they've been saying on Twitter. 

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New episodes of RHOM season 5 premiere on Thursdays on Peacock. 

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