Holby's Rosie Marcel: 'The whole 'zen' thing is short-lived... evil Jac is soon back!'

Rosie Marcel plays Jac Naylor in Holby City
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Watch out! Jac Naylor is back on the wards of Holby this Tuesday and at first it seems she's turned over a new leaf. But, according to actress Rosie Marcel, that doesn't last long...

As she returns to Holby, fiery surgeon Jac Naylor is operating on Guy’s mother when things go horribly wrong, as Rosie Marcel reveals…

After six weeks away, it seems Jac Naylor’s a changed woman when she returns to Darwin ward in the second episode of Holby (Thursday, August 24). Has she really turned over a new leaf? "Jac's friendly behaviour is totally out of character but it seems she's ready to perhaps try a different 'her'. The whole 'zen' thing is short-lived, however, and it's not long before good old, evil Jac is back!"

Jac's tasked with treating heart patient, Valerie, the mother of arch-rival Guy Self (John Michie), and she learns they have a fraught relationship. Is this something Jac can relate to? "Jac barely had any relationship with her own mother, Paula, and Jac discovers Valerie was physically abusive towards Guy. It's horrible and Jac and Guy do have a shared moment – but we know they'll never be friends."

Helping Jac treat Valerie is new junior doctor Jasmine Burrows (Lucinda Dryzek). What does Jac make of her initially? "At first, Jac thinks she's found a new protege in Jasmine; someone she can mould, and Jac appreciates talent. Plus, Jasmine's quite witty and Jac loves nothing more than someone with a wicked sense of humour, just like her."

How does Jac react when Jasmine reveals she's in fact her half-sister? "Jac gets very flustered – her half-sister turning up is the last thing she expected! Jac doesn’t want to work with Jasmine – nor does she want to have a relationship with the daughter that her mum had chosen to keep when she threw Jac away."

Later, Jac doesn't think Val's well enough for heart surgery – but she agrees to do the op, providing Guy does something for her… "Guy thinks Jac won't operate because she doesn't like him, but Jac always puts patient safety first. That said, Guy has stolen ideas from Jac and been very dishonest, so she doesn't want him around. So she gives him an ultimatum: 'I'll operate on your mother but I want you off my ward, for good!'"

Unfortunately, events take a turn for the worse, when Val dies in theatre! Does Jac blame herself? "Jac knows it was an untenable situation in the first place; Valerie dying was almost a foregone conclusion. Jac operated under duress from Guy, so she shouldn’t punish herself for it."

But is Jac still determined to get revenge on Guy? "Oh yes! Anybody that crosses Jac lives to regret it. When Jac sets her mind to something she sees it through. What does she do? You'll have to wait and see…"

Holby City screens on Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm on BBC1 this week.


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