Ryan Paevey could be the Tom Cruise of the Hallmark Channel

Ryan Paevey stars in Hallmark Channel's Two Tickets to Paradise
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Though Hallmark Channel movies are rarely filled with anything more strenuous than snowball fights and games of tug-of-war, Ryan Paevey would like everyone to know that he’s ready and willing to step up for stunts. 

The Two Tickets to Paradise actor revealed to TV Insider that he’s "like the Tom Cruise of the Hallmark universe" and he’s ready to take on more action. 

Paevey is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and can often be seen on social media taking rides up and down the California coast. He even posted pictures of himself on a bike ahead of his recent appearance at RomaDrama Live in West Palm Beach, Florida, this past weekend.  

His social media is also full of videos that show him attacking climbing walls. If you’ve followed his progress since he started his climbing journey, there’s no question that he has improved his technique substantially, now scaling more challenging walls with ever-increasing levels of difficulty. 

Tom Cruise is widely known for the death-defying stunts he personally undertakes for his films, including hanging upside down from a plane for one of the Mission: Impossible movies.

Like Tom Cruise, Ryan Paevey is ready for more physical action in Hallmark movies.

When asked if there were things he hadn’t been able to do in Hallmark movies, his mind turned toward physical stunts. "I would love to be the guy that does stuff. Up for anything. Climbing, surfing, kayaking, bikes, whatever. Throw me through a wall. Let’s do some stunts. I’m your guy."

Paevey got to display his athleticism when his Two Tickets to Paradise character, Josh, got on a surfboard in Hawaii. "I got to surf. Really early on, I said they had to absolutely let me surf. There are surfing scenes. I said, 'Do not hire a double. I will do it. I grew up surfing. You cannot bring me out to Hawaii for six weeks and expect me not to get in the water.'"

And get in the water he did. Paevey not only filmed surfing scenes, but he spent some time kayaking with co-star Ashley Williams.  

You can see some of his moves in the trailer below.

Paevey is keenly aware that studio executives usually prefer to use stuntmen for action sequences. “I know productions have a tendency to get a little nervous when one of their leads is on something that can potentially kill them,” he noted pragmatically. “My introduction to the Hallmark universe was me bailing on a film because I crashed and almost lost my right hand.”

Still, Paevey, a self-professed “motorcycle fanatic” who owns five bikes, would like a chance to show off his riding skills. “I’m sure there are characters out there that ride motorcycles.”

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