Samsung updates its Lifestyle TV range ahead of CES 2021

The Frame, part of the Lifestyle TV range
The Frame, part of the 2021 Lifestyle TV range (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung have updated and unveiled their 2021 Lifestyle TV range ahead as part of their First Look live stream ahead of CES 2021 next week.

Lifestyle TV is a range of distinct TVs (and one projector!) designed to offer you a unique product that best fits both your style and needs. The updated 2021 Lifestyle TV range has five distinct models: The Frame, The Premiere, The Sero, The Serif and The Terrace.

The Presentation leaned more on The Frame and The Premiere as the stars of this particular show, which makes sense since both have won an Innovation Award at CES 2021. 

Sadly, no pricing or specific model names have been announced just yet. However, you can still learn a little bit about the entire Lifestyle TV range below:

The Frame

The Frame (pictured above) first debuted back in 2017, but this new iteration builds upon its predecessor's customizability in plenty of ways. When not in use, The Frame uses its display to show off works of art from around the world.

The 2021 Frame TV is about half the width of previous iterations, measuring at only 24.9mm thick. It comes in sizes from 32 inches, all the way up to 75. The two smallest sizes, 32- and 43-inches, can be mounted vertical as well as horizontally.

You can customise The Frame with different stands, frames, five different colour options, and two types of style - Modern and Beveled - to match your TV to your room.

If you choose to subscribe to The Frame’s brand-new Art Store, ($5 a month) you will be able to choose from a library of 1,400+ curated art pieces to display when your Frame TV is not in use. 

These art pieces come from a range of art galleries across the globe, including the Tate in England, and Prado Museum in Spain. AI-based technology will auto-curate your library based on your individual preferences in order to recommend new pieces to be displayed.

The Premiere

The Premiere first appeared in 2020, with the aim of bringing the cinema experience home.

Whilst not an actual TV, The Premiere's main function as part of the Lifestyle TV range is to bring a cinema-quality experience home to you. This little box is an HDR  10+ enabled, Ultra Short Throw, 4K Triple Laser projector.

Triple Laser technology means the projector has distinct red, green and blue light sources, making scenes appear more vibrant and even more colourful than before.

The Premiere also comes with 4.2 ch 40w All-in-one Sound on-board, which Samsung says is powerful enough to fill your entire space with dynamic sound.

Being an Ultra short-throw projector creates a screen just a few feet above it, and can produce a maximum screen size of 130 inches. It also doesn't require much space to function, needing to sit only 4.4 inches away from the wall you're projecting on.

Both Frame and The Premiere have won the 2021 CES Innovation Award.

The Sero

The Sero is a TV designed with your phone screen in mind. Each unit is "mobile optimized", adapting to both horizontal and vertical content. The only difference is, your working with a 43-inch display, rather than 5 or 6 inches.

Each Sero TV comes on an integrated, motorized mount. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone and sync it with your TV, the Sero will rotate to match your phone's orientation.

Each Sero also delivers 4.1 channel, 60W sound experience to get the most out of any content you're watching, whether its cast from your phone or not.

The Serif

The Serif is part sculpture, part TV. Like The Frame, The Serif is all about giving consumers freedom with where they mount or display their new TVs.

The Serif's distinct, angular bezel has been created in collaboration with French designer Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. With it's unique extra depth, The Serfic can be placed in a room either freestanding on its bezel, or mounted on a stand.

There were no other details given in the presentation, save that The Serif also comes with Samsung's QLED technology to deliver a quality display.

The Terrace

The Terrace is designed for those who want to spend time outdoors, but still want to try and binge their latest show.

This is a more conventional TV compared to the Frame or The Serif, but The Terrace has been purpose-built to withstand being outside the room.

The Terrace houses a QLED display inside a frame that has enhanced durability to stand up to the natural elements including dust, rain and temperature changes.

The Lifestyle TV range isn't the only innovative range debuted in the First Look livestream, though. Samsung also gave us a rundown of their huge MICRO LED TVs, and explained their NEO QLED displays in a lot more detail, too.

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