Season 2 of The Boys hits Amazon Prime Video in September

The Boys on Amazon Prime Video

Source: Amazon Studios (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

This fall, things are going to get bloody. And weird. And bloody weird. That's The Boys in a nutshell — Amazon Prime Video's anti-superhero series that returns this September.

The first three episodes will on Sept. 4, with the remaining five airing weekly through Oct. 9.

Before you get too wound up about that — Season 1 was dumped all at once and was a definitely binger — consider just how many throats get cut in the first 3 minutes of Season 2. (To say nothing of the severed head.) So, yeah, maybe a little room to breathe isn't the worst idea in the world.

Executive Producer Eric Kripke said as much during a virtual reunion with the cast, hosted by comedian Patton Oswalt on YouTube.

"We decided that there's just so much fucking crazy shit this season that we wanted to give the audience a chance to just absorb and just recover after every episode and just get through the PTSD of whatever that episode is."

The whole thing is worth watching. We get new characters — Aya Cash shows up as Stormfront — and some fun with old favorites — and, of course, the Season 2 debut news. But you can skip to 45 minutes in for the meat.

And as a special treat, we get a taste of the first 3 minutes of the first episode. And we do mean taste — the iron in the blood almost seems to linger a bit.