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A shock arrival causes HUGE drama for THIS Home and Away favourite today

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Dean Thompson is in for a shock when he comes face-to-face with his mum in today's Home and Away...

There's drama in Home and Away today when Karen Thompson makes herself at home in Summer bay, much to the shock of her son, Dean!

Dean has always been protective of his mum, who until now has been in a psychiatric hospital, and things haven't changed a bit when he finds out from Alf that his mum is back in town.

Home and Away, Karen Thompson

Karen quickly made friends with Ben shortly after returning to Summer Bay (Picture: Channel 5)

Today's Home and Away (6pm, see our TV guide for full listings) Dean gets to the caravan park and finds Karen having a chat with an unsuspecting Ben, who has no idea that the friendly woman who he's sharing a beer with is actually Dean's mum.

With Karen in the dark about Dean's new job as surfing instructor, plus the fact he has a girlfriend, and as well as the small matter of his half sister Mackenzie bring the new owner of Salt, Dean can't get karen away from Ben fast enough, leaving everyone bemused.

Home and Away, Ben Astoni, Karen Thompson

Dean Thompson finds his mum Karen having a pow-wow with Ben Astoni at the Caravan Park today! (Picture: Channel 5)

As Dean and Karen catch up, she wants to know everything that has been going on in his life.

But he knows that bombarding her with everything in one go won't do her fragile state any good and so Dean starts with the big news that he tracked his dad down.

Karen is understandably not a fan of Rick's after he abandoned her and Dean all those years ago, but she takes the mention of her ex surprisingly well, meaning she must have got her head straight like she claims.

However, one mention of Rick's wife and their kids brings Karen's dark side out and Dean is more determined than ever to keep Mackenzie and Karen apart.

Home and Away, Mackenzie Booth

Dean isn't keen for his mum Karen to find out the truth about his half-sister Mackenzie (Picture: Channel 5)

However, Mackenzie soon works out what is going on and is frank with her brother, if he wanted to keep her away from Karen, all he had to do was ask. Instead Dean roped Colby in to keeping her out of the way, and Mackenzie's not happy.

The following morning Dean apologises to Ben for his mum's upfront manner, but Ben is left stunned  when Dean asks him not to mention Ziggy or the fact he has a half sister in Summer Bay to Karen.

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Ben reluctantly agrees... but Dean should know that things don't stay a secret for long in Summer Bay.

When Karen bumps into Colby and Bella in the diner, all seems to be going well until Bella accidentally mentions Ziggy.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Karen Thompson

Dean is pleased to see his mum, but a lot has changed since she was last in Summer Bay (Picture: Channel 5)

Colby tries to defuse the situation when Karen gets annoyed about being kept in the dark about her son's other half, and when Dean arrives she quizzes him about what else he has been hiding from her.

If only she knew!

Something tells us it is only a matter of time before Mackenzie and Karen meet... after all Summer Bay isn't a very big town.

But how will the women get on when they finally come face-to-face?

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