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SHOCK couple to share unexpected New Year's Eve kiss in tonight's EastEnders

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If you thought Jean and Ian getting together was a surprise, just wait until you find out who's next as cupid strikes again in Walford.

It looks like there could be a new romance heading for EastEnders as Karen Taylor and Billy Mitchell share a surprise New Year's Eve kiss in tonight's trip to Walford.

Just when we thought Ian and Jean were the surprise pairing for 2018, it seems Karen and Billy have snuck in there at the last moment, stealing a kiss in The Vic tonight as the clocks chime midnight...

Could this be the start of another unexpected romance on the Square?

Karen and Billy at the Vic NYE party

Karen is the life and soul of the NYE party at The Vic

EastEnders fans know that Karen isn't the shy and retiring type, and that's certainly proven tonight when she makes sure she sees the year out in style by dressing head-to-toe in sequins!

As the pub parties in style Karen is the centre of attention as usual, and actress Lorraine Stanley, who plays the motormouth mum has revealed her character wouldn't have seen 2019 in any other way.

Karen and Billy in EastEnders

Karen sets her sights on Billy at midnight

Lorraine told Digital Spy recently: "In true Karen style, she's at The Vic at New Year, tucking into the food and drink, she's the life and soul. She also plants a kiss on someone, so she sees in the New Year the only way Karen can."

So we now know that the secret kiss is with an unsuspecting Billy, but is it just a spur of the moment thing, or could this New Year's Eve connection lead to something more in the coming months?

Karen and Billy kiss in EastEnders

Is this the start of a new Walford romance?

Actress Lorraine also hinted that it's not all fun and games for the Taylors as 2019 dawns.

She revealed there is drama on the cards for Bernadette: "There's also a moment on New Year's Eve where we really see Karen's true colours and the love she has for her children. I really love that moment."

Next week will see Bernie struggling with the fact best friend Tiffany keeps letting her down, leaving Karen worried about her teenage daughter.

Karen, Tiffany and Bernadette in EastEnders

Karen gives Tiffany a telling off this week... and it doesn't go down well

When Keegan tips her off that Bernie's sullen mood is down to Tiff, Karen intervenes and gives Tiffany a stern telling off. But instead of making things easier for her daughter, Karen does her usual trick of making matters far worse.

Bernie is horrified that her mum has got involved and Karen realises she has got some serious making up to do. Can Bernie forgive and forget?

EastEnders airs these scenes tonight at 8pm, and Thursday 3rd January at 7.30 and 8.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC