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A shock discovery in Neighbours leads to LOVE TRIANGLE drama for THIS couple

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(Image credit: Kris Dollman)

Today's Neighbours sees Susan Kennedy make a shocking discovery...

There's a big twist heading for the Kennedy household in today's Neighbours when Susan finds a photo album full of pictures of Elly Conway and Finn Kelly from when they dated years ago in Finn's bag.

Does this mean Finn has secret feelings for pregnant Elly?

Neighbours, Finn Kelly, Elly Conway

Finn has been going above and beyond for Elly over recent weeks (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Just when it seemed life couldn't get any more complicated for Elly after recent months, it looks like Finn could have a secret crush on her while he is dating her sister Bea - not to mention the fact Elly is also pregnant with Finn's dead brother Shaun's baby... are you keeping up?!

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With Elly struggling with the later stages of her pregnancy, while also losing her job as a teacher at Erinsborough High and the shock death of her baby's father, Shaun, Finn has taken on the role of her guardian.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly, Shaun Watkins

Shaun's death has left Elly feeling alone... paving the way for Finn to step up (Picture: Channel 5)

Over recent weeks he has put his freedom on the line for her, bought endless things for his little niece or nephew when they arrive, and has generally been putting Elly's wellbeing first, rather than spending time with girlfriend Bea.

However, while Elly is uneasy about the amount of attention that she has been getting from Finn, his obsessiveness also hasn't gone unnoticed by Susan.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly, Elly Conway

Is Finn falling for his ex-girlfriend Elly all over again? (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Susan's suspicions seem to be confirmed today when she accidentally knocks Finn's bag on the floor, only to find the photo album of him and Elly from when they used to date back in Sydney.

While Finn doesn't remember dating Elly because it happened pre-brain trauma, he clearly has some attachment to his past because he has kept the photo album that Elly threw out weeks ago.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly, Elly Conway

Susan is worried that Finn is falling for his pregnant ex, Elly again after finding his photo album (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

But does this mean Finn is falling for Elly properly? And where does that leave his romance with Bea?

And more importantly, does Elly feel the same way about Finn?

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