'Silent Witness' fans praise Genesis Lynea's 'brilliant' performance

Silent Witness - Jack Hodgson (David Caves), Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and Simone Tyler (Genesis Lynea) (L-R)
Genesis Lynea plays newcomer Simone Tyler. (Image credit: BBC)

Silent Witness Season 24 welcomed a new face in Monday's episode, following the shocking departure of Adam last week. To assist with a mysterious new case, the Lyell Centre brought in forensic ecologist, Dr Simone Tyler.

Genesis Lynea is an actress who is best known for playing Archie Hudson in Casualty. When she first arrived on the scene, Archie clashed with fan-favourite Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing).

Describing her character, Genesis said: "Simone Tyler is a zealous and meticulous ecologist who is making a massive jump from museum to the mortuary."

Fans were able to get an idea of who Simone was this week, as she made her first appearance in episode seven called Brothers Keeper: Part 1. Dr Nikki Alexander had brought her in to examine a promising young boxer, who had been murdered and his body had fallen on top of a car, but Simone had her reservations as she wasn't used to working in that environment.

Outside of the case itself, fans got to learn more about Simone, including her close bond with her mum and secret relationship with Lisa, the investigating officer on the case. Simone lacks confidence in her abilities to assist with the case, but after presenting some findings to Dr Alexander and Jack Hodgson the duo concludes that she's "better than she thinks she is".

It seems she'll be an integral part of the case, with the second part of Brother's Keeper airing on Tuesday night, but will her confidence grow the more time she spends working with Nikki and Jack?

Simone has made a great first impression on Silent Witness fans, with many taking to Twitter to praise the character and Genesis Lynea's performance. One wrote: "@GenesisLynea so brilliant. Welcome to the #SilentWitness family!"

Another added: "Hoping the stunning @GenesisLynea is the new Clarissa in this series of #SilentWitness". She was brilliant in #Casualty"

Another simply wrote: "I just love her so much already"

And a fourth added: "#SilentWitness that was a lot to unpack! Loved it though. What a joy Simone aka is, she’s gonna be a sure firecracker. & are on fine form as ever. Hope y’all enjoyed too! @GenesisLynea @EmiliaFox @MrDavidCaves"

Fans will see more of Simone in Tuesday's episode, and hopefully, learn even more about her as a person as she's been quite secretive so far. Watch this space!

Silent Witness continues on BBC1. Episodes are also available on-demand via iPlayer

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