Six things we can’t wait to see in Casualty’s 30th anniversary special

Charlie, Josh, Duffy
Charlie, Josh, Duffy (Image credit: Alistair Heap)

Six special treats Casualty are serving up on their 30th anniversary on BBC1 in late August…

The anticipation for Casualty’s 30th anniversary episode on August 27th keeps building. We’re holding our breath and can’t wait to see how these six telly treats taste!

Dead or alive? Clinical lead Connie (Amanda Mealing) and her daughter Grace (Emily Carey) are trapped in their car after vengeful Steph ran them off a ravine road in last month’s series finale cliffhanger… it’s been an agonising wait for fans who want to know, are Connie and Grace dead or alive?

Casualty crash

Will Steph tell anyone Grace and Connie are trapped? The clock's ticking... (Image credit: Adrian Rogers)

Celebrating Charlie In the lead up to an earth shattering disaster, the ED staff are planning a surprise celebration for Charlie Fairhead. Not only is Casualty 30 years old, original cast member Derek Thompson has been playing the role of nurse Charlie since 1986. That’s something worth celebrating!

Charlie Casualty 30

No one realises until it's too late that Charlie doesn't like surprises (Image credit: BBC/Des Willie/Matthew Burlem)

Charlie’s angels Familiar faces from the past turn up for Charlie’s celebration. Most notably former paramedic Josh Griffiths, played by Ian Bleasdale. Charlie’s old pal Duffy is also around – which is handy when disaster strikes. All old hands on deck! But will there be more familiar faces?

Charlie, Josh and Duffy

Charlie, Josh and Duffy are a 'wheelie' great team. But who's on the trolley? (Image credit: Alistair Heap)

Duffy clocks in The anniversary episode marks the full-time return of Cathy Shipton to the role of Duffy. Fingers crossed for romance between her and Charlie. It’s been building for decades! #Chuffy

Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton

Derek Thompson (Charlie) and Cathy Shipton (Duffy) have hardly changed a bit since 1998 (Image credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima)


Pam springs up EastEnders’ legend Pam St Clement is making a special guest appearance as demanding patient Sally Hodge. Could she be Charlie’s worst patient yet? We certainly hope so!

Pam St Clement

Will a dose of Pat Butcher have Charlie in stitches? (Image credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima)

The promised stunt We know what it is – but we can’t tell you, sorry! However, we can’t wait to read your reactions on Twitter when the episode goes live! Stay in touch with What’s on TV on Twitter and use #Casualty30

Casualty 30

We can't tell you the secret ingredient... yet! (Image credit: BBC/Matthew Burlem)

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