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Soap fans left THRILLED after noticing THIS in last night’s Coronation Street

Eagle-eyed Coronation Street fans have spotted something that has got them talking on social media in their droves...

Coronation Street fans have become obsessed with Gail Platt's glamorous new hair and have been sharing their thoughts on social media.

Ever since she returned from her extended holiday in Thailand, Gail has been caught up in some major family drama.

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But instead of focusing on the fact her granddaughter has been sharing not-so-secret kisses with Daniel Osbourne while his wife lay dying, or the fact son David could be sent to prison for 15 years for a crime he didn't commit... fans are more fixated on Gail's glam new look.

Since she has been away, the Platt matriarch seems to have had a bit of a make over, with her now sporting a longer, more bouffant look, and fans can't get enough...

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But while everyone was talking about Gail's locks last night... there was also drama heading to the Platt house when it was revealed that Shona and David might have to call off their wedding if David gets found guilty of stabbing rapist Josh Tucker in prison.

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After being framed for the crime, David could be looking at spending the foreseeable in jail... not only missing his wedding to Shona, but also missing out on seeing his children grow up.

Last night's trip to Weatherfield saw Shona adamant that David would be home in time for their nuptials, but not everyone was as optimistic as the bride-to-be.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Shona Ramsey is shocked when Gail cancels the wedding

The wedding might be off, but fans are more concerned with Gail's new hair! (Picture: ITV)

While Shona went to try on her wedding dress and amend the order for her flowers, Gail (along with her new glossy hair) went behind Shona's back and cancelled the flowers and balloons for the big day.

Eventually Shona came round to Gail's way of thinking... but will she be pleasantly surprised and see David let out in time for them to say 'I do'?

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