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Spooky! Did The Simpsons creators predict this major news before it happened?

The Simpsons fans are in a frenzy over a certain episode

Fans of The Simpsons are convinced the cult show creators can predict the future. Why? Well, in one episode in 2004 they cryptically foretold the news of Toys R Us going under before it even happened!

In the episode a group of adults set out destroying every child-friendly thing in Springfield. On their rampage they eradicate ball pits, burn “children at play” signs and vandalise the front of a Toys R Us.

Poor Millhouse, he's so sad!

But this is spooky, right?

Now, while there is no direct mention of the store closing during the episode, social media users and fans of the show are convinced that the clip is symbolic of the toy store's downfall.

This comes after they supposedly predicted 9-11, Trump getting into office and other major scientific inventions...

Fans of the show said:

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Another fan added: "So The Simpsons had an episode where they predicted that Toys R Us closing in 2004. A couple years late and Toys R Us is going our of business."

To add to that it was only a month ago that viewers were left baffled after being convinced the show predicted the Winter Olympics outcome in 2010.

And before that, another episode correctly forecasted Lady Gaga’s half time Super Bowl show.

Seriously, they should get The X Files Mulder and Scully onto this lot!

News broke last week that kids paradise Toys R Us had entered financial difficulties and was going into administration. Stores around the world had been running since the 1950s.

Sadly, while fans are convinced of Matt Groening's special prediction powers, the shows creator has never actually revealed he is super-human.

We have to admit though, the fact that his storylines are increasingly becoming a reality, is starting to get a little spooky!