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'Star' is the new home for Disney-owned content outside the U.S.

Star with Disney+
(Image credit: Disney)

Disney today announced its strategy for Disney-owned content outside of the United States that also doesn't quite fall under the traditional Disney+ umbrella. As had been previously announced, it'll fall under the "Star" brand. That's where you'll find content from the 21st Century Fox side of the shop.

If that's a little confusing, you're not alone. But think of it like this: If it's on Hulu in the United States — or FX on Hulu, or any of the other places Disney-owned content has ended up — you'll find it on Star in some form outside of the United States.

But how you watch things will differ a little depending on where you live. In Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Star will be integrated into Disney+ and appear within the Disney+ app.

You don't get something for nothing, though, and in those nations the price of Disney+ will increase by the equivalent of €2.

Latin America will see a different strategy, however, with a dedicated Star+ streaming service, due in no small part to it having a stronger sports offering.