'Star Wars' legend Mark Hamill confesses to binge-watching 'Ghosts'!

Ghosts Season 3
The cast of BBC comedy, 'Ghosts'. (Image credit: BBC/Monumental Television/Steven Peskett)

Is there a bigger compliment than Star Wars legend Mark Hamill calling your TV show "excellent on every level"? We don't think so...

Shortly after the news broke that the CBS remake of Ghosts was being renewed for a second season, Luke Skywalker himself took to Twitter to share how much he loved the sitcom! 

Talking about the news, he said: "This IS a surprise to me (seems as though everything I like gets cancelled), but a WONDERFUL surprise indeed. @GhostsCBS is a delight: smart, witty, whimsical, very funny with a BRILLIANT cast that is beyond perfection!"

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After having heaped praise on the American version of Ghosts, Mark Hamill was flooded with comments from his fans who were telling him he needed to check out the original BBC comedy series, too. 

Just a few hours later, he return with just as many great things to say about the British show after having binge-watched the British version.

He wrote: "Binge-watched the original UK version of @GhostsCBS. Same premise, but different spirits, different vibe & uniquely British. It is also EXCELLENT on every level & deserves your attention. Now my 3 favorite comedies feature either dead people or vampires. (@theshadowsfx)"

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Mark Hamill's kind words clearly meant a lot to the British cast who are currently hard at work on Ghosts season 4

Jim Howick, who plays mild-mannered scout leader ghost Patrick Butcher in the show, replied: "I'm honoured. Thank you so much Mark"

Matthew Baynton — aka Thomas Thorne in the BBC series — also saw Hamill's kind words and wanted to share them, writing: "Retweeting praise here, I know, and I'm sorry but (thank you Mark!)"

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Given Mark Hamill has already appeared in one of the shows he referenced (he was a huge fan of What We Do In The Shadows and ended up guest-starring in the second season), maybe he'll put in a cameo appearance as a spirit somewhere in either version of Ghosts...

Ghosts is available to stream on HBO Max and on BBC iPlayer in the UK. The CBS remake is available to stream at CBS.com and on Paramount+ in the US.

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