Steph McGovern retches and runs off set after eating chef Simon Rimmer’s ‘minging’ dish

Steph McGovern
Steph McGovern couldn't cope with beans and sardines (Image credit: Channel 4)

TV chef Simon Rimmer caused Steph McGovern to gag and rush for the toilet after serving a truly gruesome one-pot Lazy Lunch dish on an edition of Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4.

Simon, who is the long-time presenter of Sunday Brunch on Channel 4, was discussing what he likes to prepare with a minimum of fuss when he’s at home working and the dishwasher has just done a cycle.

He reached into the cupboard and gets a can of Branson beans with sausages, but he feels as if it needs something else and he returned to the cupboard.

“What do I have that’s got Omega 3 that won’t dirty the kitchen… Oh, I’ve got some sardines or indeed, any tinned fish will do…,” he said with lip-smacking delight, while guests former Labour MP Alan Johnson and TV personality Christine McGuinness looked on in horror.

To set the scene, he explained that obviously at home, relaxing, he’d just be wearing his pants. Steph and her guests were appalled by the mental picture.

 Christine tried to feign interest by saying her favourite thing to eat right now were vegan sausages, but she flat out refused to sample Simon’s dish.

He explained that he’d prepared the dish at home last week and seemed to be most enthusiastic about not creating any dishes, rather than making something delicious.

“This is the key to it, I’ve got my spoon I’ve got my pan, no bowl is needed ladies and gentlemen… I settle down and…” he looks at the camera with an expression of supreme pleasure as he tries the dish.

Alan tried a mouthful and pushed the pot away: “It’s awful.”

Steph was next and even the smell made her recoil, but she bravely lifted the lid and put her spoon in. Despite gagging she gingerly tried a spoonful of the mixture, complaining that it ‘absolutely stinks’.

Steph McGovern

(Image credit: Channel 4)

“I’m up for most things but this is really pushing it to the limit,” she said.

When she chewed the mouthful she spontaneously stood up and rushed off set retching, saying “No, no, no…”

When she returned, Steph introduced Simon’s next dish and said she hoped it wouldn’t be as ‘minging’, but couldn't guarantee it – and there ended her hopes of an invite to appear on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

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