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'Steve Coogan's my hero!' - James Buckley welcomes his comedy idol to the wonderful world of Zapped

Zapped - Series 3 - Episode 1 - (L-R) Steve Coogan as Feffenhoffer, Ken Collard as Steg Steggson, Sharon Rooney as Barbara and James Buckley as Brian Weaver
(Image credit: OLLIE UPTON 07973909063)

Acting alongside his hero Steve Coogan in the new series of fantasy-comedy Zapped was a dream come true for Inbetweeners star James Buckley. If he could just keep a straight face...

Comedy legend Steve Coogan joins the cast in episode one of the new run of Zapped as a circus impresario who has captured hapless office worker Brian (James Buckley) and is displaying him as an exhibit in his travelling show.

We joined James in Brian's local  - "The Jug and the Other Jug", where the locals include fairies, a soothsayer and a wizard – for a cheeky "Rhubarb Seizure" and a chat, to find out what's in store...

James, what was it like appearing with Steve Coogan in the new series of Zapped?

James Buckley: "He’s my hero, so I was trying my hardest to keep it together! I just kept laughing because everything he was doing was so funny."

In episode one we see your character Brian sporting a long, shaggy beard. Was that uncomfortable to wear?

JB: "Paul [Kaye, who plays Howell the wizard] has to wear one all the time, and I hated it! It feels like tiny little hands pulling your face all day long, so I wasn’t that ecstatic. But it looks good and most of my scenes with that look were with Steve, so I didn't mind."

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We also see Brian is being pursued while running full-pelt through a forest. What was that like to film?

JB: "We had such a good summer, but that was the one day it started to rain! It’s a bit self-indulgent – me running through the woods pretending I’m Rambo…"

Apart from Steve Coogan, what other guest stars will we be seeing?

JB: "Sally Phillips is back as Slasher Morgan. Then there’s Felicity Montagu, Rich Fulcher, Clive Russell, Mark Heap – it’s really exciting."

The third series of fantasy-comedy Zapped starts on Dave on Wednesday 17th October at 10pm, and will be available on catch-up on UKTV Play.