Strictly Come Dancing fans all have the same complaint about "miserable" Shirley Ballas

Strictly Come Dancing Shirley Ballas is head judge on Strictly Come Dancing
(Image credit: BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing fans have been sharing their concerns about head judge Shirley Ballas in tonight's semi-final show.

They're worried that Shirley has been especially bad-tempered during the semi-final and they have taken to social media to share their theories about why she's been so prickly!

Shirley Ballas judging the semi final

Shirley was quite fussy in her judging this evening (Image credit: BBC)

Shirley was a harsh judge during the semi-final, picking up on small mistakes and being particularly critical.

And she even snapped at the audience when she booed her critiques!

Shirley Ballas critiques Hamza's waltz

Shirley was very picky about Hamza's dancing (Image credit: BBC)

When fan fave Hamza Yassin took to the floor with his partner Jowita Przystal for their second dance of the night - a waltz - the viewers loved the sweet choreography.

Hamza and Jowita dance their waltz

The fans loved Hamza's dance (Image credit: BBC)

But Shirley attracted the wrath of the audience when she said Hamza was "twisted".

The crowd booed, and Ms Ballas stood up for herself!

"Let's learn," she said. "We can't just give 10s out if it's not right!"

She's got a point, we suppose!

And she did add that she thought Hamza "absolutely" belonged in the final.

But the fans weren't impressed with Shirley's critiques.

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Some viewers wondered what had made Shirley so "grumpy" in tonight's show. While others pondered whether she'd got out of bed on the wrong side!

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But some viewers pointed out that it is the semi-final and the contestants would benefit from listening to Shirley's "constructive feedback".

Where's the fun in that, though, eh?

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In the end, Shirley awarded Hamza a 9 for his waltz, just as Craig and Anton did. Motsi gave him a 10, bringing his total to 37.

So, no matter how harsh she was in her judging, she clearly enjoyed the dance.

Will Hamza and Jowita make it through to the final?

And will Shirley be more chipper in next week's grand finale?! 

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