T-Mobile taps actor Anthony Anderson for its latest 'Uncarrier' event

(Image credit: WhatToWatch.com)

T-Mobile today announced that its latest "Uncarrier" event — usually a press event that announces new plans or features — has been scheduled for July 16. And while it's entirely possible that the latest iteration is all about the wireless industry and phones and where those things come together, we're also more than a a little intrigued due to the fact that actor Anthony Anderson (Law & Order, Black-ish) has been tapped to lead the festivities.

That could well be because actors are particularly suited for this sort of thing and long have been used in wireless promotions. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was attached to LG for a bit, and Milana Vayntrub is back as Lily for AT&T commercials.

The teaser from new T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert didn't really offer any clues.

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But it's worth noting that T-Mobile has been dipping its toe into the television game for quite a while. Its TVision service offers more than 150 channels and 35,000 on-demand titles via a proprietary streaming box (complete with magenta accents). But it's in relatively limited release, available Chicago, Dallas-Fort worth, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Longmont Colorado, and Washington, D.C.  It runs $90 a month for the service plus $10 a month for each additional TV you want to connect — basically it's the same idea as AT&T's old U-Verse service.

It's been a little more than a year since T-Mobile rebranded Layer3 as Vision. Is it possible we're going to see an expansion? Or something entirely new?

We'll find out this week. 

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