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Tenable on ITV - Everything you need to know about the quiz show


Warwick Davis hosts this weekday game show...

Tenable is a weekday ITV game show presented by acting legend Warwick Davis.

If you're keen to give it a go during lockdown, here's everything you need to know...

What is Tenable?

Tenable invites a team of contestants to win a cash prize.

Teams are made up of friends, family or even colleagues and work together to try and win some money.

One team member is designated as the captain and assigns players for each round based on category.

The aim of the game is get as many answers out of a possible 10, based around a certain topic.

An example of this could be 'The first ten James Bond films', which one contestant would have to guess (or they might know the answer!).

Any contestant who guesses between 0 and 4 answers correctly doesn't win any money and is eliminated from the final.

They're sent away with the savage phrase, "I'm sorry to say it, but you are terrible at Tenable".

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What are the rules for Tenable?

Contestants can rely on their teammates three times during the game.

The 'nominate' option allows the contestant to ask one teammate to provide an answer.

Team captains are able to 'overrule' answers too and give a different one. This can be used once per round.

Contestants who correctly guess 5 or more 'tenable' answers are eligible to bank the money and continue.

They don't need to reach 10 either, as money can be banked with as little as 5 correct answers.

Of course, the more correct answers they have, the more money they could walk away with.

5 answers is £1,000, 6 is £2,500, 7 is £5,000, 8 is 10,000, 9 is 15,000 and 10 is a whopping £25,000.

Does the team captain get to play a round?

Yes. The team captain plays the fifth round, right before the final.

They play under the same rules as the first four, with some slight changes.

The overrule button is permanently deactivated but the captain can rely on any of the teammates who made it through.

Regardless of the outcome, the captain advances to the final.

If a team fails to bank any money in the first five rounds, the captain plays in the final alone for £500.


Warwick Davis presents the ITV game show. (Credit: Getty)

How do they win?

The remaining contestants are given one final list and must give one answer at a time, starting with the captain.

Nominates and overrules cannot be used in the final. Any contestant who gives an incorrect answer is immediately eliminated from the game.

If the team completes the list, they win all the money they banked in the first five rounds.

When can we watch Tenable?

Tenable is on ITV1 Mondays - Fridays from 3pm.

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