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The Archers: Jill hosts Mother’s Day bash – but will it turn into a disaster?

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Here's what's happening in The Archers next week...

Freddie, fresh out of jail, is the guest of honour for Mother’s Day as Jill hosts the Archer clan at Brookfield.

However, things soon turn fraught, with Lily and Ben asking lots of tricky questions. It looks like things could quickly turn sour…

Freddie is finding life in the outside world again difficult. He’s struggling to fit into the Ambridge way of life again, but he knows he doesn’t want to go back inside and is determined to make the most of his new found freedom.

However, Freddie does something that has consequences for another member of the family. Elizabeth, of course, is thrilled to have Freddie back, but will her happiness last?

The Archers - Elizabeth Pargetter (ALISON DOWLING)

Elizabeth is over the moon to have Freddie back, but will her happiness in The Archers last?

Also, in The Archers Pip asks a family member for a favour, but gets a surprising response. And there’s more trouble ahead when a hurt Josh finds himself excluded from an upcoming event.

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Over at Bridge Farm, there’s trouble over the electric fences, while Johnny has plenty on his hands when the new cows start calving. Can he prove himself? Also, Helen feels under pressure while Tom confides in Roy about Natasha.

Meanwhile at Grange Farm Ed is delighted to be offered more work by Tom, but then he makes a dramatic discovery. What could it be and will it change everything? Also, in The Archers Emma is set for another blow and Will tries to find a tutor to support Mia with her maths homework.

There’s also a disaster at the Stables and Jim and Shula look set to argue… plus, Alistair meets his new business partner and gets a shock, while the bright lights beckon for Jolene.

The Archers continues on BBC Radio 4.