The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Deacon SACRIFICES himself?

Kimberlin Brown and Sean Kanan in The Bold and the Beautiful
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Taylor checks in with Ridge while Sheila and Deacon arrive at a new arrangement on The Bold and the Beautiful. 

Finn (Tanner Novlan) expresses his gratitude to Taylor (Krista Allen) for helping Steffy to get settled. She says that’s what mothers do. “You’re dangerously close to losing Steffy,” she tells him. That’s why he needs to make Sheila go away. 

Deacon (Sean Kanan) has had a change of heart about Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). He tells her to stay. Even if it’s not for a long time, he doesn’t want her to leave. 

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is texting Steffy to check on her when Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) arrives. He says that even though she’s grown up, he still worries about her and there’s nothing he can do for them when they’re so far away. Brooke knows he misses them; he says he’s frustrated because they shouldn’t have needed to leave in the first place. He misses them. He’s frustrated with Finn; he thought Finn would be a “good match” but he can’t understand his connection to Sheila. 

Taylor is perplexed by Finn’s connection to Sheila in light of what she did to them. If Sheila thinks of herself as his mother, she’ll never leave. 

Sheila tells Deacon not to say anything if he doesn’t mean it. But he does mean it. He wants her to stay. 

Brooke doesn’t think he can blame Finn for having Sheila in their lives. He knows that, but he doesn’t think he should be giving her the misguided belief that she is welcome in their lives. Brooke praises his protective instinct toward his daughter. 

Finn can’t explain the connection he had to Sheila. He knows full well what she did to their family. “I made a mistake,” he says. He should have drawn a line sooner, and Taylor says it doesn’t matter because now is the time to draw the line and fight to get his family back. “Get Sheila out of your life,” Taylor warns.

Tanner Novlan and Krista Allen in The Bold and the Beautiful

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Sheila’s head is spinning after the day she’s had, especially now that she knows she has a “guardian angel.” She’s amazed that he cared enough to do so much for her. He can relate to being alone, which is why they’re drawn together, the “misfits” and the “convicts.” But he says it’s time to write their own story. 

Taylor gets ready to leave so she can check in with Ridge. Finn promises to find a way to make Sheila get away. She tells him to focus on his wife and kids. She knows how much he loves them and he wants her to tell them that. “She’s a monster, Finn,” Taylor says. Sheila will use anything against him. “Make her go away for good.”

Deacon gets off the phone after making a few calls. He assures her that she’ll like this surprise. She takes her by the hand after deciding they deserve something special. 

Brooke thinks that she and Ridge need to go home and take a bath together so she can make his worries “melt away.” Taylor walks in on them kissing. Though it has been difficult for everyone, Taylor notes that Brooke and Ridge seem to be fine. Taylor tells them that Steffy and the kids are all settled in so she decided to get away to check on Thomas. The kids are doing fine and they enjoy their new school. Ridge is grateful that she was able to help. Taylor says Steffy is upset that she had to leave because of Sheila, and she tells them she went to see Finn. They all agree Finn needs to fight to make Sheila go away. “Sheila Carter is not lovable,” she says.

Deacon takes Sheila down to the restaurant, which has been closed for them. She says it’s like the date they’d had a few months ago. She wonders how he knows what she needs, and she worries about their ability to have relationships with their kids if they’re together. This night is about them, he says. She loves how she feels with him, and he reminds her that she deserves a chance to change. She wants to have a relationship with Finn and Hayes, but she also wants to be with Deacon, too.

Kimberlin Brown as Sheila in The Bold and the Beautiful

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We have no doubt that Deacon’s love for Sheila is real, but we also know that he knows what will happen if she goes after Finn and, heaven forbid, Steffy. He knows her love for her son and grandson come from a good place in her twisted head, but he also knows that she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants.

So what if he’s romancing her to keep her from ruining her chance at being a free woman? It’s clear he loves her — he orchestrated her release from jail — and there’s no doubt his feelings are genuine. But maybe he’s also trying to protect her from herself. If he can keep her distracted, she won’t do anything that could land her back in jail — or worse. 

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