The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Katie tries to break up Bill and Poppy?

Katie (Heather Tom) looks upset in The Bold and the Beautiful
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Before Poppy came into the picture, Katie and Bill shared a peaceful relationship on The Bold and the Beautiful as co-parents to their son. Will Katie try to get Poppy out of the picture?

Katie (Heather Tom) was shocked to learn that the mystery woman that Bill (Don Diamont) spent the night with at a music festival all those years ago was none other than Poppy (Romy Park), Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) mother. 

While Katie thinks Luna is a lovely young lady, she has some misgivings about Luna’s mother, especially after Poppy got a little heavy-handed in the June 12 episode. Though she’d just moved in, all of a sudden Poppy was playing house and asking Katie to leave since Bill wasn’t home. 

Now, to be fair, Bill asked Poppy and Luna to move in and he didn’t have a chance to talk to Katie about any of it. Katie showed up because she’d heard the news about the paternity test and immediately went to Bill’s house, unannounced, for a conversation. Poppy didn’t know what Bill and Katie’s relationship was prior to her arrival and didn’t know (or at least didn’t think to acknowledge) that Katie was used to showing up at Bill’s house whenever she wanted. On the other hand, there was some clear posturing between the two women, particularly when Poppy suggested that she has a million things to do now that she’s moved in, and that the place needs a “woman’s touch.”

Katie, who had been thinking a lot about Bill recently, doesn’t like these developments. She’s happy for Luna, but even there she’s concerned about Luna’s enthusiasm for meeting Will. (By the way, in the year I’ve been watching the show I’ve never even heard about Katie’s son until two weeks ago, so there’s that). Despite being in a relationship with Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), all of a sudden Katie seems to be keen to get back into a relationship with Bill. And that means Poppy has to go. 

The tension between Katie and Poppy is going to be a problem for Bill. He has kids with both women and he can’t push either of them away; at the moment, he has no desire to push Poppy away because he’s in love with her. 

However, Katie seems to think there’s another side to Poppy, one that Bill might not be able to see clearly. If her concerns persist, she might focus her energy on exposing Poppy as a gold digger whether it’s true or not. It’s risky, but it’s the only way to get Poppy out of Bill’s house. 

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