The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Poppy goes to jail?

Poppy (Romy Park) and Bill (Don Diamont) in The Bold and the Beautiful
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Poppy seems shocked by news of Tom’s death on The Bold and the Beautiful. Is she the one who killed him?

It turns out that the mysterious death on The Bold and the Beautiful is Tom (Clint Howard), the gentle unhoused man who helped find Sheila (Kimberlin Brown), performed her wedding ceremony to Deacon (Sean Kanan) and was on his way to a comeback as a musician. Tom collapsed on stage after his performance and died at the scene, according to Finn (Tanner Novlan), who showed up to Il Giardino to see how Deacon was doing. 

But right before Tom’s set, he had a visitor: Poppy (Romy Park). Poppy was there to make sure Tom stayed out of her life now that she and Luna (Lisa Yamada) are living with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). Tom insisted that Luna is his daughter given that Poppy was with him at the music festival around the time Luna was conceived, however Poppy told him she had a one night stand with Bill while they were together. 

Poppy had all the motive she needed to get Tom out of her way after he threatened to expose their relationship and — potentially — the identity of Luna’s real father. We don’t even know if the DNA results are accurate

While it’s unclear if she wanted Tom dead or just wanted him to be fired from Il Giardino for drug use, and therefore gone from her life, we do know that Poppy has access to the kinds of drugs that could do the job. Her “special mints” almost cost her daughter her relationship with RJ (Joshua Hoffman) after she popped them like candy all night while drinking champagne, unaware that the mints were actually drugs. 

All of a sudden we have a very different picture of Poppy, one that allows us to wonder if she’s the one who killed Tom to keep her idyllic life with Bill safe. It’s not surprising to learn that she’d been sleeping with Tom while he was on tour because she has always been a free spirit; the fact that she cheated on Tom with Bill adds another layer of complication that would be much better if it remains a secret. 

With all of this in mind, what happens if Poppy is charged with killing Tom? It can’t be a coincidence that Bill told her in the July 2 episode of B&B that he’s very good at making problems go away. Is it possible that the appearance of Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears), Bill’s best friend and fixer, is more than a coincidence? Could Bill sweep Poppy’s involvement under the carpet, or will she end up in jail? We’ll have to wait and see….

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