'The Curse' fans call for a second series after binging first

The Curse
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Some shows were just meant for binge-watching, and that certainly seems to be the case for Channel 4's The Curse, after the first episode aired on Sunday evening.

Starring the People Just Do Nothing team as well as King Gary's Tom Davis, the new six-part series follows a gang of criminals who carry out a robbery, but end up getting themselves into a huge mess due to their own stupidity.

The series is set in the East End of London during the early 1980s, where times are tough and many people are in poverty. As a result of this, some are turning to crime as a way out of their situations.

Episode one introduces us to Albert Fantoni (Allan Mustafa) and his wife Natasha (Emer Kenny ) who run a greasy spoon cafe and are down on their luck.

Their lives change for good though when one evening Albert, Phil Pocket (Hugo Chegwin), a wannabe gangster, and washed-up ex-boxer Mick Neville (Tom Davis) meet up with Natasha's brother Sidney at their local pub.

Sidney reveals that he has a new job at a warehouse that handles cash shipments. Security there is pretty much non-existent, and he claims he can let them in for a fool-proof robbery.

They're expecting to grab themselves upwards of £50,000, so this team of misfits are particularly taken aback when they arrive and find boxes of gold worth over £30 million. Unable to resist the temptation, they take it and escape, but this decision will have dire consequences.

Fans of the series were unable to stop after episode one, with many people taking to Twitter to reveal they have binge-watched all six episodes and some are evening calling for a second season.

The Curse is loosely inspired by an infamous robbery from the early 1980's, where six men raided a depot near one of London's airports thinking they'd walk away with £50,000 in cash, only to stumble across seven thousand bars of gold, worth millions!

Viewers will have to head to All4 or wait patiently for the next episode to find out what happens to our gang of misfits after discovering all that gold, but it's definitely not going to be an easy ride...

The Curse continues on C4 at 10pm on Saturday 12th February, with all episodes available on-demand via All4

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