The Horror Co's 'Shifter' will hit VOD on August 6th

(Image credit: The Horror Collective)

After premiering at this year’s deadCenter Film Festival, Shifter was picked up by The Horror Collective. Though film will be available on VOD on August, we know very little outside of the brief synopsis: "A young woman experiences painful and gruesome side effects after an experiment with time travel goes wrong."

Make no mistake, knowing little about a film before it premieres isn't a bad thing! We're used to major blockbusters telling us everything we want to see in the film before we even walk through a theater door - but the practice is very rarely to the benefit of the film. 

With all that being said, take a looksee at the film's official trailer.

Find out more in the official press release - 

[Los Angeles, CA] The Horror Collective will be releasing Planet Thunder’s bold and fascinating sci-fi body horror film SHIFTER on August 6th on VOD and On Demand platforms. The announcement was made through

The film had its world premiere at this year’s deadCenter Film Festival in Oklahoma City, where it won Best Oklahoma Feature. 

Director/writer/producer Jacob Burns says, "What excites us most is that it was obvious from the beginning that Jonathan and Shaked were genuine fans of the film. We took a chance on making SHIFTER because we truly believed in what the film could be, so we are incredibly grateful to have found a distributor who believes in the film as much as we do. The Horror Collective has a reputation of releasing unique, memorable, and just plain awesome horror films of all types and it’s an honor for SHIFTER to be included among them."

Writer/producer Zach Burns states, “With SHIFTER we wanted to make something people hadn’t seen before. We are so excited to work with Shaked Berenson and Jonathan Barkan at The Horror Collective because they strive to not only embrace and celebrate genre filmmaking but also to help push it forward!”

“We created The Horror Collective to give a voice for a diverse and wide range of voices in the horror genre.” commented Shaked Berenson, The Horror Collective’s CEO, “As a sci-fi thriller, SHIFTER is a great addition to our already eclectic library.”

Producer/Composer Vinnie Hogan adds, "Planet Thunder Productions wants to be a group of movie fans that make movies for movie fans.  We were so excited when we met Shaked and Jonathan and discovered that The Horror Collective is a distribution company created by horror fans for horror fans!  Our main goal with SHIFTER is to capture exactly that: the essence of what makes unique films exciting to watch."

Jonathan Barkan, The Horror Collective’s VP of Acquisitions and Distribution, comments, “SHIFTER hypnotized me from the first frame. It’s daring, bold, and a stunning display of independent genre cinema pushing boundaries and telling captivating, engaging stories. I am so proud to have The Horror Collective’s name on this film and I look forward to sharing it with genre audiences.”

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