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The secret to Carol Vorderman's figure? Running naked on a treadmill

Carol Vorderman recently admitted that at 54 she is finding it harder to lose weight.

So she has resorted to some extreme methods of staying in shape and they have been getting her into a bit of bother.

The former Loose Women panellist was nursing some painful bruises this week after falling off her treadmill – while running naked.

It's hilarious.Pain? I fell off a treadmill running naked (don't ask).Now covered in burns and doctor's dressings!

— Carol Vorderman MBE (@carolvorders) August 26, 2015


But she was not shy of revealing her embarrassing gym mishap to her 334,000 followers.

Carol Vorderman in a figure hugging dress at the Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation premiere

Carol at the recent Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation premiere (David Jensen/PA)


Carol had previously said: ”I’ve put on a lot of weight recently because I haven’t been doing my walking. For me, I’ve found in my 50s that you do put on weight much easier.”

The star admitted she’d stopped walking as much since she lost her smart-technology fitness wristband, and struggled to find the time to exercise, though she still trains three times a week.

Carol Vorderman won Rear Of The Year in 2014

Carol Vorderman won Rear Of The Year in 2014 (Ian West/PA)


She complained: “I feel I’ve piled it on and gone up about half a dress size, it makes things a lot tighter.”