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The Voice’s Ricky Wilson slams X Factor acts

(Image credit: BBC / Wall to Wall)

The Voice coach and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has hit out at The X Factor, claiming that the acts are less individual than those on the BBC show.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "Our artists don’t sing like talent show contestants with that learnt kind of voice and they have all got something highly individual.

"They have come to The Voice specifically because they think they stand more of a chance. When they sing we can’t see them but they can tell us who they are with their voices."

(Image credit: BBC / Wall to Wall)

The Voice returned last night with new coaches Paloma Faith and Boy George taking their seats in the ‘spinny chairs’. Social media reaction to the newbies has been mixed, with many fans of the show missing the presence of Sir Tom. 

(Image credit: BBC / Wall to Wall)

But others have welcomed Paloma’s giggles and Boy George’s acerbic putdowns and unique pitches: “I am the other Queen of England,” he told Bristol fishmonger Tom Rickels. The 22-year-old also caused a flurry on Twitter with many wondering if he wasn’t actually One Direction star Harry Styles! Well, there was a resemblance…