The Young and the Restless spoilers: Alan’s evil twin attacked Ashley?

Christopher Cousins as Alan confused in The Young and the Restless
Christopher Cousins, The Young and the Restless (Image credit: CBS)

On The Young and the Restless, a mystery that’s been months in the making may soon start to unravel, with a twist we didn’t see coming. 

Since Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) psychiatrist friend from Paris, Dr. Alan Laurent (Christopher Cousins), arrived in Genoa City, we’ve reserved a bit of suspicion for him. Ashley has been on The Young and the Restless for decades, and not once have viewers met her "good friend." Plus, given his profession and her claims that he’d been giving her advice prior to his arrival, we found it odd he wasn’t insistent that something was indeed wrong with Ashley and that she seek local help. 

While we thought our intuition would prove right about Alan and he would turn out to be the cause of Ashley’s mental health struggles, it looks like a surprising culprit we didn’t see coming may be at fault. It appears the good doctor may have an evil twin. That’s right, in a good old-fashioned soap twist, Alan may have an identical twin brother. 

Elieen Davidson as Ashley distraught in The Young and the Restless

Eileen Davidson, The Young and the Restless (Image credit: CBS)

In The Young and the Restless episode airing on May 30, all the major players appear in Paris. Ashley, Alan and Traci (Beth Maitland) arrive, hoping to unearth the trauma that led to Ashley’s dissociative identity disorder, and Tucker (Trevor St. John) shows up to confront Audra (Zuleyka Silver) for her attempts to steal Glissade. 

After Ashley, Alan and Traci get settled, Alan excuses himself for a bit, but he promises to return. In his absence, the Abbott sisters talk about Ashley’s fear of falling asleep. She’s worried if she does, one of her other personalities will take over. Ashley also tries to rehash what happened after her big blowup with Tucker in The City of Light, but Traci cautions that they should wait for Alan to unpack her memories. 

Meanwhile, across town, Tucker speaks to Audra face-to-face about her attempts to conduct Glissade meetings behind his back. He initially tells her how much he loves her and they are supposed to be together. Unfortunately for him, his words fall flat and she just insists she’s done not being first in his life. When Audra asks him to leave, he tells her to stay away from Glissade, making it clear he doesn’t want her involved in his company any longer. 

Trevor St. John as Tucker in black in The Young and the Restless

Trevor St. John, The Young and the Restless (Image credit: CBS)

As Tucker walks the streets of Paris, Alan’s "twin" pops up. The two men bump into each other, and as Tucker attempts to exchange pleasantries with this man he thinks is Alan, the guy rudely rebuffs him and walks away. Tucker is confused by the interaction and we’re intrigued. 

Then back at Ashley’s place, the real Alan arrives and wants to start walking Ashley through some memories. Ashley notes that after her fight with Tucker at the cafe, she called Alan and he suggested they meet in person. The problem with Ashley’s version of events is he is certain he wasn’t even in town at the time and didn’t meet with her. So that begs the question, who did she talk to that night and who did she meet? His twin perhaps? 

It’s also worth noting that the man who runs into Tucker has on a black leather jacket and a t-shirt. However, when Alan arrives at Ashley’s place, he has on a blazer, sweater vest and a buttoned-down shirt. 

Christopher Cousins as Alan on the phone in The Young and the Restless

Christopher Cousins, The Young and the Restless (Image credit: CBS)

With all that being said, we are under the firm belief that Alan’s evil twin is the source of Ashley’s trauma. We can imagine a scenario in which Ashley called Alan’s home that night after her fight with Tucker, and Alan’s brother answered. Then after suggesting they meet, the twin attacked Ashley. Instead of living in the painful event, Ashley subconsciously blocked out the trauma and allowed her multiple personalities to take over to protect her from remembering 

We also like to add, that for months after Ashley’s final blowup with Tucker, she accused him of being violently angry with her at the cafe. Is it possible that Alan’s twin is the one who was violently angry with her, but her fragile mental state assigned the blame to Tucker? We’ll just have to see how this storyline continues to unfold. 

New episodes of The Young and the Restless air weekdays on CBS. Episodes become available to stream on Paramount Plus the next day.    

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