Exes Tori and Jordan implode on The Challenge: Ride or Die

Tori Deal on The Challenge: Ride or Dies, Tori and Jordan team
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The volcanic eruption that is Tori and Jordan's relationship drama has laid dormant throughout The Challenge season 38 so far, but this week, it finally burst. 

"Originally when I saw Jordan, it was a rush of emotion...now that we're kind of settling in and living with each other again, I think I'd be lying if I didn't think it would be lovely to rekindle with Jordan," Tori Deal says of her former fiancé Jordan Wiseley, who is partnered with her best friend Aneesa Ferreira on the show and whom Deal hadn't seen in a year and a half prior to joining this season of the MTV program. 

Jordan, however, was singing a different tune this week about his former lover. "Tori and I have a very, very deep connection. We find safety in each other pretty easily," Jordan says in a confessional. "But that doesn't mean that we are getting back together or we're trying to rekindle anything. It's just very easy to fall back into this comfort zone."

The duo met in 2017 on The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 and dated for four years, even getting engaged during 2019’s War of the Worlds 2 season, but split in November 2020. Shortly after ending their engagement, Tori hooked up with fellow The Challenge season 38 cast member Faysal Shafaat, a point of contention between the exes.

However, it looks like Jordan is moving on now, cozying up to competitor Nurys Mateo who is worried about how their burgeoning relationship will play out in the house. "Would I like to continue to get to know him? Sure. But do I want to continue to get to know him while I'm also hurting somebody else's feelings in here? No," Nurys reveals, referring to Tori. 

"Watching someone move on is life. But when you're in a competition, it's way heavier than it would be in the outside world because I have to deal with it being right in front of my face," Tori says of Jordan and Nurys' connection. 

"I'm not going to cut this thing off with Nurys because Tori doesn't feel good about it. It feels good to have someone in this game to just not think about anything with," Jordan adds. 

Recognizing that his ex is upset, Jordan approaches Tori to "clear the air a little bit." "You're obviously feeling some type of way," Jordan tells her. "This isn't some elaborate thing to get back at you. Like, we just cuddled."

However, Tori isn't having it. "The disrespect!...that's not how you act when you love somebody!" she yells at him. 

"This tiff with Tori puts me right back into the last few months of our relationship," Jordan says. "It's the reminder that I needed of why we're not together and why I hate being part of the Tori show."

Left in tears, Tori says: "Now, my relationship with Jordan is only about the game. I have absolutely no interest in even trying to salvage a friendship out of this."

And as part of TJ's mid-season shake-up—which sees all of the Ride or Dies pairs split and form two new opposing teams, with this week's winners Faysal and Moriah choosing who goes in which group —Tori and Jordan are now enemies in the game as well as in their personal lives. Whose team are you on?

Fans react to Tori and Jordan from The Challenge:

Along with dubbing Tori and Jordan the "Ross and Rachel" of The Challenge, here's what viewers are saying about the team's big blow-up from this week's episode: 

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