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TV Tonight: our highlights for Tuesday, Dec. 7

Olivia Colman and David Thewlis star.
Olivia Colman and David Thewlis star in 'Landscapers'. (Image credit: Sky)

On TV tonight, Olivia Colman and David Thewlis star in a new drama on Sky Atlantic/Now called Landscapers, Giles and Monica visit another fabulous place to stay in Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby on BBC2 and on Channel 5, The Sinking of the Costa Concordia: Collision at Sea investigates the 2012 disaster. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Landscapers, 9pm, Sky Atlantic/NOW

TV tonight Olivia Colman and David Thewlis star

The seemingly ordinary couple were hiding a huge secret.  (Image credit: Sky)

In 2013, the bodies of elderly couple William and Patricia Wycherley were discovered in their Nottinghamshire back garden after being buried there for 15 years. Now, this classy four-part drama, interspersed with clever fantasy sequences, explores how their film-loving daughter and her husband, Susan and Christopher Edwards, were convicted of the murders. Olivia Colman and David Thewlis are sensational as the seemingly ordinary pair, whose plot to cover up their crime falls apart spectacularly.

★★★★ CC 

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, 8pm, BBC2

Tv tonight Giles and Monica at Reid’s Palace hotel in Madeira

Giles and Monica at Reid’s Palace hotel in Madeira. (Image credit: BBC)

Giles Coren and Monica Galetti are off to Reid’s Palace hotel on the Portuguese island of Madeira, an establishment steeped in 130 years of history. With figures from the British aristocracy such as Winston Churchill and Edward VIII visiting in decades gone by, the hotel was famous for its tradition, and the Michelin-starred restaurant only began phasing out its deferential Downton Abbey-style service in the late 1990s. Yet Reid’s has made efforts to move with the times in recent years, as Giles discovers when he meets long-serving staff who have seen plenty of changes.

★★★ SMA

The Sinking of the Costa Concordia: Collision at Sea, 9pm, Channel 5

TV tonight The story of the cruise ship disaster

The story of the cruise ship disaster. (Image credit: Channel 5)

The Costa Concordia was one of the most luxurious cruise ships, with 1,500 cabins, four swimming pools and an enormous ballroom. At 9.42pm on 13 January 2012, disaster struck. With more than 4,000 people on board, just hours after leaving port, the liner hit rocks and began to sink. This two-part documentary shows horrifying details, using unseen phone footage, plus interviews with survivors and rescuers. Tragically, 32 people died, while the ship’s captain was found guilty of manslaughter. Have lessons been learned or is another tragedy waiting to happen? Concludes tomorrow. 

★★★ HD

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Superman & Lois, BBC iPlayer

TV tonight Mr & Mrs Superman!

Mr & Mrs Superman are here! (Image credit: BBC)

Ever wondered what happened when Superman and Lois Lane got married, tried to live a normal life in the city and had twin boys that turned into grumpy teenagers? No? Well, you don’t need to as this new series, available in full on the BBC iPlayer, begins just there. He may save the world every day, but will two teenage boys tip Superman over the edge? Events soon take the family back to Smallville, the town where Clark Kent grew up, where strange things start to happen. While Tyler Hoechlin as Clark and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois are great as the struggling parents, it’s the teenagers, Jordan and Jonathan, that give the series a new modern twist as they struggle to accept their dad is not like everyone else's and they may be more like him than they ever thought… 

Best film to watch on TV today

Tully, 11.20pm, Film4

Charlize Theron stars in a bracingly honest, achingly funny comedy drama about motherhood written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman. Theron plays a desperately frazzled mum of three who gets a lifeline when irrepressibly cheery, super-confident night nanny Tully (Mackenzie Davis) turns up at her door, a gift from her annoyingly wealthy brother. A film to make you both laugh and reflect, and probably wrong-foot you Tully boasts a whip-smart script and fabulous acting. 

Live Sport

  • UEFA Champions League, RB Leipzig v Manchester City, 5pm (k-o 5.45pm), BT Sport 2
  • UEFA Champions League, AC Milan v Liverpool, 7.45pm (k-o 8pm), BT Sport 2
  • Cricket, The Ashes, Australia v England, 11pm, BT Sport 1

Soaps on TV tonight

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight…

Don't miss Landscapers on TV tonight – two exceptional actors at their best.

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Happy viewing!